Lemongrass Natural Soap Bar 100% Natural & Organic Soap Aligned with Primal Diet & Paleo Lifestyle Great for Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis Gentler Than African Black, Dead Sea, Castile Soaps

Limited time promo: BUY 4 GET THE 5TH BAR FREE.

One way to ensure that every morning is a good morning – hydrating all natural Lemongrass scented lather

Let’s face it, most of us don’t leap our of beds with a giant grin on our faces. It takes time to emerge from our sleepy state and rejoin the conscious world. Boring commercial soaps made from ingredients none of us can pronounce is no way to start your day.

Add a touch of the Spa to your wake-up routine

Start your day off right with this all natural Lemongrass rich gem! One trip through the shower with this perfectly balanced soap and you’ll understand why those who appreciate long lasting natural soaps choose soaps from Primal Soapworks. This thick cut natural soap bar will last longer than the mass marketed commercial “soap” and is an easy way for you to be just a bit healthier.

Get away from the harsh detergents and treat your skin to an all natural lather. Your skin will thank you.

With over twenty popular natural soaps to choose from at Primal Soapworks you’ll look forward to washing with our soaps every morning.

Makes the perfect gift for Wedding Favors and other special occasions.

Product Features

  • Natural Lemongrass Cleanse: Thanks to a base of all natural and organic oils like Olive, Palm and Coconut, this all natural Lemongrass scented soap is the definition of natural skincare! This soap will give your face, body and hair a deep clean, give a boost of free-radical fighting vitamins, and lock in nourishing moisture naturally for soft, age-defying skin.
  • Limited time promo: BUY 4 GET THE 5TH BAR FREE.
  • Handcrafted & Made in the USA: At Primal Soapworks we are a proud small business and employer in Florida. We craft all of our soaps right here in the United States of America and will never outsource to cheaper overseas labor markets. Our American made soap craftsmanship and quality standards mean will never make the cheapest soap, but we will make the best soap you can buy.
  • No Chemicals & Friendly to our Furry Friends: Our soaps are always Paraben, Toxin and Synthetic Chemical Free. They are also Vegan friendly, contain no animal by-products and are never tested on animals.
  • Longer Lasting & Better For You: Our organic natural soaps will last longer than the chemical laden commercial soaps and are better for you! The commercial soaps are loaded with chemicals (just look at their labels) and are tested in labs so last only a certain amount of washes. Primal soaps offer a single user 2-3 weeks of washes and should be kept in a dry (think soap dish/tray) environment between uses.

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3 thoughts on “Lemongrass Natural Soap Bar 100% Natural & Organic Soap Aligned with Primal Diet & Paleo Lifestyle Great for Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis Gentler Than African Black, Dead Sea, Castile Soaps

  1. Misty Weaver says:

    Lemongrass The smell. I cannot express how strong and amazing this bar of soap smells. I knew exactly what arrived before I even opened the box. As soon as I did open the package, my coworkers began to comment about what smelled so amazing. I actually left this and the other scent on my desk so others could smell and read the packaging. If anything-the scent is what makes this so wonderful.On the other parts that make this soap so amazing-it’s natural. No chemicals. No parabens…

  2. Kelly Marie says:

    Smells SO. GOOD. I’m all about some natural soap, and I was actually intrigued by this brand and how it presents itself packaging wise. I decided to give it a try, and as soon as it got here, I couldn’t wait to use it! This soap smells so amazing. Not chemical-y or harsh. Just fresh and a teeny bit of sweet and yum. So much yum. I know that some natural based soaps don’t have much of a lather, so I was bracing for this to be the case here as well, but it lathered up really well and rinsed off equally as well. I…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have tried several different scents of natural bar soaps by Primal Soap Works and only have positive things to say. This is a high quality hand made soap that lathers up nicely and leaves skin soft and moisturized. Lemongrass oil is healing for many skin conditions such as acne and fungal infections. It also may help with unpleasant body odor. This soap is made only out of natural ingredients that are completely safe and free of chemicals and cheap fillers. If you go to the Primal Soap…

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