Liberex Electronic Nose Ear Hair Trimmer for Men Women, Painless Trimming, Water Resistant Dual Edge Blades, Battery-Operated

This is a great gadget which allow you to quickly and discretely clean up unwanted hairs including nose hair, ear hair, eyebrow, and even stick out beards.

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Effective and Comfortable
This nose hair trimmer uses a dual-edge spinning blades system, which precisely remove hairs in target area without painful and unpleasant pulling. It is equipped with a LED light that help you seeing tricky hairs.

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Compact and Portable
It runs on one AA battery. You can pack this product without worrying about its volume or wrights. A great pick for traveling or daily use at home.

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Easy to Take Care of
After you finish trimming, you can twist and take off the blade and wash it in water, any remaining hairs can be easily cleaned by brushes.

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1. Pull the battery cover and put into one AA battery.
2. Power on the trimmer and the cutter head starts to turn in a high speed.
3. Take the trimmer close to your nose or ear and start trimming.
4. When finished, take off the cutter head and clean it with soft dry towel, or wash it directly with running water.
5. Dry the cutter head and trimmer body with a piece of towel. Keep it correctly for next use.

Cutter head: Anti-rust blade, Stainless Steel
Body: High-end ABS

Battery: 1 X AA battery (not included)

Package included
1 x Liberex nose & ear trimmer
1 x User manual

Product Features

  • Multi-function: This trimmer is very effective for removing nose & ear hair, mustaches, beards sideburns, and even eyebrow
  • Spinning blades system: This product features a dual-edge spinning blades system with protective cover, inner 360° rotating design, which precisely remove the hairs without painful and unpleasant pulling. Comfortable and easy to use
  • Easy cleansing: Washable and removable cutter head, you can twist and take off the blade for cleaning, convenient. User-friendly handy body design, comes with a dust-proof cover to protect the cutter head
  • LED light design: Equipped with a LED light which helps you seeing tricky hairs, extremely reliable
  • Compact and light weight: Runs on 1 AA battery (not included) and is also great for road trips and travel. High efficient and durable

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