Luxury Shaving Gift Set Safety Razor Shaving Brush Stand for Men Grooming Set for Father’s Day/Business Gift/Boyfriend/Husband Grandslam, Grey

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Dark Gray
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Dream Blue
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-Before shaving, we must use a hot towel deposited in the beard parts firstly, so that you can effectively soften the beard. When the pores are open, the cleaning will not let their skin whitening skin irritation and injury.
-Always keep the blade clean, preventing yourself from getting hurt by the blades when cleaning.
-If you think it’s not smooth when shaving, you can choose to use shaving soap, oil, or shave cream. In this way, you can let the beard smear more smoothly, and can effectively protect your skin.
-The head and the skin keep close to get the best shaving results. The angle of the razor and the skin is best kept at ninety degrees when using, so that the tip can reach the beard without hindrance to achieve the best shaving effect.

Please Notice:
Hair Falling: Our 100% badger hair brush is built stronger than most fake hair brush.
You may experience hair falling in the beginning, but it will stop after few uses.
Smell: All the hair has been sanitized, however the natural smell of badger hair may still present, but it will be gone over few uses.

Product Features

  • Luxury Shaving Kit as Gift: This is the Grandslam Shaving Set – Gift Pack. Life needs sense of ritual, let alone daily grooming necessity for men-SHAVING. Every time he shaves, your love is all around. This set is upscale of quality, decently packed. Your Ideal GIFT CHOICE. Feel the weight when you touch it.
  • Made for Classy Men: Shape your beard or Use the badger shaving brush, stir the natural milk soap in the shaving bowl to generate foam. Spread foam evenly on shaving area to soften hair for 60s. Most importantly, shave with the fusion 5 razor, which feathers clean and safe. Shave the beautiful face in the way you like!
  • Tips: If you want to keep clear face and don’t keep beard, shave upward and downward in turn. You’ll notice the small stab get cleaned nicely!
  • Expert On Even Details: Focus on Shaving for 10 years, the extraordinary surface finishing retains glory for steel part. Grandslam developed smooth and moisturizing formula Natural Goat Milk Soap. Say goodbye to oil or dry shaving soap. Embrace Grandslam Wet Shaving.
  • Durable, Gellite Reload Applicable: It’s made to last. Just replacement Razor blade easily and sharp as new. It accompany you forever, Just like LOVE never ends. The safety razor fits Gellite Fusion 5 or Mach 3 blade. 100% Money Back Guarantee, if there is anything you’re not satisfied with, 100% refund for you, no excuse.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful kit Hi there. I’m always looking for the closest shave. Tried everything from single to multi-bladed throwaways to rotary to not rotary shavers. I usually get the same razor bump results. I came across this Luxury Shaving Gift Set and although there were others at a lower cost I thought the blue and chrome were lovely so I splurged. My first reaction to my first shave was “WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP!” It didn’t even come CLOSE to a close shave! False advertising! I watched and rewatched the video where…

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