Magic Blue Shaving Powder 5 oz. Regular Depilatory

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  • The shaving powder recommended by the national Medical Association as an effective shaving method for the relief of razor bumps in black men.

October 13, 2014 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Magic Blue Shaving Powder 5 oz. Regular Depilatory

  1. H. LeCoq "cajungal328" says:

    works like a charm! I am mostly on french descent, with light olive complexion and very coarse almost black hair everywhere… ughh.. Anyway, I have used many products on my legs to avoid shaving, becuase I have razor sensitive skin. I have used wax, sugar wax which work, but leave strays and ingown hairs. I have used Nair and Veet, amoung others, which don’t work well and burn my skin. I recently tried this Magic Shave (blue and white can) and I tell you WOW! This stuff is awesome! It does stink, and it is messy,…

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