Manual Nose Hair Trimmer by Muzitao©

A little slow to use, but very well made and durable,

I was impressed with the all-metal construction of this product, and with how sturdy and well made it is. In using it (on my semi-willing family member), I found it to be effective in cutting hair, but that it takes quite a while. The clipping action works well, but only a hair or two at a time is cut. Each time I clicked the handles, the blade part rotated internally and snipped the hair. We eventually got the job done without any pulling of hair or snipping of skin.

The Best Manual Nose Hair Trimmer

Easy-to-use small compact manual nose hair trimmer. If you’ve used the bullet-shaped model you’ll appreciate the single-hand operation of this model, especially for ear hair! The trimmers don’t pull the hairs. No more tears or cringing in expectation of pinching. The more you use them the better at it you’ll get.


Construction is anti-corrosion, 100% brushed Stainless Steel. Permanent sharpness guaranteed.

Tips For Best Use

The most effective method of use is to snap the trimmer repeatedly whilst moving the trimmers around. You can use these trimmers safely directly on the skin and push around into all corners, nooks and depths of your nose.

Keep snapping and moving the trimmers around inside your nose right up against the skin or areas where you have stubborn hairs. Move the trimmers around and use different angles. Use both the sides and top of the trimmers on problem areas. Take them out every now and again and either blow the hairs out, or use the brush provided to clean out the hairs.

My favorite time to use it is in the car while waiting around.

Product Features

  • One hand manual operation.
  • No batteries required. Take it and use it anywhere.
  • Doesn’t pull hairs. No more tears.
  • Silent, No Noise. Discreet Use Possible.
  • Small compact size, easy to travel (can carry-on plane).


Muzitao Stainless Steel Manual Nose Hair Trimmer & Ear Hair Trimmer

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2 thoughts on “Manual Nose Hair Trimmer by Muzitao©

  1. D. Fowler says:

    The Muzitao is an excellent manual nose / ear hair trimmer for at home use … Usually when my husband heads to the barber shop they tend to his eyebrows, ear, and nose hair. He doesn’t have any kind of trimmer at home, manual or electric. The Muzitao stainless steel trimmer works quite well and can keep him trim in between haircut times. At the barbershop they are well-versed in how to wield a pair of scissors and keep things nicely in order that way.The trimmer is small and quite well made. There’s also a brush that one can use to keep in clean…

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