Mens Shaving Set 8 Pieces Cut Throat Straight Edge Razor Strop Bowl Dovo Paste Brush & Soap Shaving Gift Set/Kit


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The One-Blade Wonder:Why a Zeva Straight Razor Might Be the Key to Your Best Shave Ever? The blade may cut an imposing figure, but a straight-razor shave is more than just a thrill ride. Here are some compelling reasons to make the ultimate grooming throwback.

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It Helps Prevent Razor Burn and Ingrown Hairs

Online Beauty Products

It is Traditional

It is a Better Shave

It is less Expensive

It is Environmentally Friendly

It is Enjoyable

How to Use Straight Razor: First Step is Preparing your face: The key to a painless shave is to use plenty of warm or hot water before shaving. Either have a bath, shower or use a hot flannel to soften the bristles and open up the pores of the skin. Make sure you massage your chosen shaving cream thoroughly into your stubble or beard. Use your fingers or a decent shaving brush. For straight cut shaving to work, the lather must not be allowed to dry.

Shaving with Straight Razor: Now for the shave! Hold your Zeva Straight razor with one hand and with your other hand, stretch the skin as tight as you can get it. It is recommended to hold the blade at a 30 degree angle to the skin otherwise you’ll get cut! A useful way of starting is to lie the blade flat against your cheek and then lift the spine to the desired angle of 30 degrees before applying your first stroke. Use very little pressure and apply even strokes with the razor in the direction of the hair growth

Straight Razor Care: When you’ve finished shaving, rinse the razor in some running water. Dry it by dabbing it with a cloth. It is also good practice to apply a little bit of oil or vaseline to help prevent the blade from rusting.

Product Features

  • 8 Pcs Zeva Cut Throat Straight Edge Razor Mens Shaving Set Hand Assembled
  • 2 Pcs Zeva Shave Ready Straight Edge Razor Made from Real High Carbon Steel Easy To Sharpen
  • Dovo Leather Strop Paste Made in Germany with cowhide Leather Strop Strap
  • Pure Boar Bristle Shaving Brush For Smooth Shave Made in Italy
  • Personalized Complete Shave Set for Men, Comes in a Beautiful Gift Box

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