Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor

Merkur Safety Razor #41

Product Features

  • Double Edge Safety Razor with Open design – great for thicker beards
  • proven quality
  • Stylist approved

April 10, 2016 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor

  1. Reidalong says:

    close shave This is the third Merkur razor I have purchased – the first one was the long-handled Merkur safety-razor I purchased for my husband. We had a small fortune invested in the Mach razors – which never really worked except for the first shave. A few minor nicks the first few times he used it, but quickly got the hang of it and it gives him a very close, non-irritating shave (we also use natural goats milk soap rather than chemical “shaving cream”). Then I purchased one for my teenage son (it was…

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