Merkur Adjustable Futur Safety Razor Gold Plated 702

Absoultely Love It!

I bought this razor with the intention of having a better shave. I have used all kinds of shavers though out my whole life. And I would most definitely reccomend this product. Its a bit heavy in the hands to remind you that you shouldn’t use alot of pressure to shave your face. It glinds on your face and its nice too look at. I have a sensitive face and the fact that you can choose the levels of how much blade shows is amazing. This shaver has reduced irritation in my face and my acne has gotten better because of this shaver bc I have less irrititation on my face. Great shaver, buy it. And it really isnt as heavy as some people here make it seem.

A precision made, all metal, adjustable safety razor with a polished gold plate finish made in Solingen, Germany, by Merkur. Handle length 3 3/4″. Adjust blade angle with a 1-6 dial. A superior quality safety razor that will provide a comfortable, close shave, day after day. Razor has excellent balance properties for better control. Instruction pamphlet included.

Product Features

  • Adjustable Razor Blade Angle
  • Double Edge Design
  • Beautiful Gold Plated Finish
  • Gives a close, comfortable shave
  • Made in Germany


Merkur Futur Review

My new DE razor Merkur Futur

It is a high end DE razor costing around £40 or $70

Bought From Timothy Edwards

Blade Sampler Pack
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2 thoughts on “Merkur Adjustable Futur Safety Razor Gold Plated 702

  1. Albatross Necklace says:

    Just what I needed to clean my skull. Since going DE I have found that my face and skull have different needs when it comes to shaving.My face likes the Merkur 34c loaded with Feathers. My skull likes Merkur blades and hates Feathers. With the 34c loaded with Merkur blades my skull is not baby smooth.So I picked this up. Now I have a 34c with Feathers for my face and this Futur set to aggression level 3 with Merkur blades for my skull and both are now smooth as can be.It looks like these have gotten even cheaper…

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