Merkur Model 38 Hd Classic “Barber Pole” Long Safety Razor

The Merkur Safety Razor has a chrome finish. Its double edge design provides a very close shave. Its handle is shaped like a barber pole. Chorme Plated with Bar. The safety razor has a straight edge especially great for an extra close shave.

Product Features

  • Barber Pole Handle
  • Long Handle 3-3/4 Inch
  • A Firm Grip
  • Solid brass core and polished chrome finish
  • Made in Solingen, Germany

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2 thoughts on “Merkur Model 38 Hd Classic “Barber Pole” Long Safety Razor

  1. Mike K "technoguy" says:

    New miracle device developed! News Flash…2008.Razor Scientists have developed a radical new razor called the DE or “Double Edge” Razor. This futuristic, yet elegant, device is made of durable metal instead of the usual plastic and it is machined so well that it would be possible that a single DE Razor could last the average shaver a lifetime. This new shaving device uses amazing “mono blade” technology that delivers a shave as close as the finest multi-blade cartridge system, but the blades are completely…

  2. Bertilak says:

    Solid, no-nonsence, top-quality There are probably hundreds of double edge (DE) safety razors available, from antiques on eBay to present-day newly-manufactured razors. They are not all the same. Some people will go for:- historical collector’s items- luxury razors: gold plated, ivory handled, presentation cases, etc.- gadgetry: various adjustables or clever mechanismsThis razor is not for any of those people (except perhaps to fill out the collector’s stable of razors).If you…

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