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3 thoughts on “Merkur-Razor Merkur Safety Razor #25c,

  1. Tempting Reviews says:

    Well, looks like a winner. UPDATED 8/15/2015OK.So if you’re here, it’s either because (1) you’re one of the old schoolers who recognized the brand and was looking for another razor like the one you had back when shaving was an art form, or (2) you’re a young buck who has done studying and have heard the recent hype: That straight razors and safety razors are making a comeback.Unfortunately, I can’t speak to the 1st audience, because I wasn’t born when Merkur…

  2. C.J. Allouez says:

    Great for Women Too I can’t say enough about this safety razor. I was interested in buying a safety razor for environmental reasons, and the fact that a lot of online reviews said it gave them a closer, better and cheaper shave certainly didn’t hurt.I didn’t find many reviews from women/leg/underarm shaving, but I decided to chance it anyway.I bought the Merkur, along with a starter variety pack of blades (mine included Feather, 7 am, Derby, Shark, and Bluebird). The included Merkur blade…

  3. Edward F. Shimkus says:

    Warning: this is a razor! I’m going to review this in reverse order, having considered some of the lesser ratings.Several people stated that they cut themselves with this “safety” razor. That makes sense: it does house a sharp blade. I’m 68 and while I can remember cutting myself with a straight razor occasionally, safety razor cuts are a rare occurence. Bless them all, there are people who frequently cut themselves with paper, glass, knives, and even safety razors; others, like me, seem to be largely…

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