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3 thoughts on “Micro Touch 3 Tough Blade As Seen on TV for 1 Year of Shaving

  1. Jeff says:

    excellent razor i to stumbled across this razor at my local Walmart while looking for the more expensive disposable blades unbelievably shocked by the price of the disposables I decided I would try this one . Again Brett Favre had nothing to do with the reason I tried the razor! sorry Brett no offense I don’t even know who you are. and my experience? I absolutely love it very durable very sharp very high quality excellent product incredibly sturdy handle I shave my head and face about once a week and I…

  2. Angry Rooster "Clucky" says:

    Questionable quality and claims about durability I came across this product at a local Walmart while shopping for new blades, and figured “why not?” The Brett Favre endorsement had nothing to do with my decision. That said, if Mr Favre does actually use these blades, I can see why he’s always got that “designer stubble” look.I shave daily, and I have a goatee. This means that I’m not doing a full shave. I found that the blades were okay for a week, two at a stretch. There was no way I was going to get three weeks…

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