Micro Touch Max Hair Remover- colors may vary

Works for Me: Trims Eyebrows, Facial Hair,

I like this MICRO TOUCH MAX hair remover/trimmer quite well. In particular, I like using it to trim my eyebrows. The 6mm comb that fits over the trimmer blade cuts my eyebrow hairs to the correct length. For other jobs requiring closer trims, 2mm and 4mm combs are included. I also like the Micro Touch Max for removing hair from around my nose and mouth. It’s far preferable to plucking out hairs with tweezers!

The Micro Touch Max is not a heavy-duty trimmer–most of it is made of lightweight plastic–but it should last reasonably well if treated with reasonable care. The trimmer tip, which is the most fragile part, comes with a protective plastic cover. It appears that the whole trimmer will need to be replaced when the trimmer blade gets dull–there do not seem to be replacement blades available. However, when purchased as an add-on item with free Prime shipping (total $7.99), I think this is a pretty good product.

A nice feature is the bright LED light that illuminates the area you’re working on. At first I thought that my trimmer’s light didn’t work–then I discovered that the battery was inserted backwards (the correct polarity is stamped onto the side of the battery case). I’m actually rather amazed that the trimmer blade runs when the battery is inserted wrong-end first!

The Micro Touch Max easily removes unwanted hair. Gets as close as a blade, yet it’s safe to the touch.

Product Features

  • As Seen On TV item
  • 50% longer blade
  • German stainless steel
  • Trims hair with micro precision


Micro Touch Max Hair Remover Review. Does This Hair Trimmer Really Work?

Micro Touch Max Review http://www.daddoes.com/6954/micro-touch-max-review-the-hair-trimmer/ Today we look at the Micro Touch Max Grooming kit. The MicroTouch has been seen on TV, and now we get our hands on one to see if it can help with grooming and trimming. Can this gadget really trim hair with micro precision?

In the end, the Micro Touch Max does work - if you have the right expectations. Will it replace your electric razor? Absolutely not! However, if you are looking for a simple gadget (runs on 1 battery, very portable and can trim without shaving cream) that can trim those hard to reach hairs - nose, ears, eyebrows - the MicroTouch Max does the job at an affordable price.

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