Microforce By Shavepro Cordless and Rechargeable Shaver

I am amazed with its power, love the size and it cuts for a very clean shave. I find myself sitting in my recliner watching TV and picking it up for a quick and easy shave. It holds a charge for more than a one time use.

This is a great second shaver. I keep one in each car so that I can ‘clean up’ when needed. It gives a very smooth shave as long as your beard is still short (less than a days growth). It has a tough time handling a full day of growth so it would not be good as your only shaver unless you planned to shave multiple times per day. Quality is just OK (I’ve had several stop working and had to cannibalize old ones for parts) but the price is cheap.

Update: I have both the standard battery version and the rechargeable version. The rechargeable version, while still good, does not have a very long battery life and less power overall. I prefer to use the standard version but use my own rechargeable batteries.



Lasts up to 10X longer than standard battery shave
Ultra compact, waterproof design
Charge indicator light
Smaller than a credit card
Perfect for travel

Travel pouch
Cleaning brush
Replacement blade screen
Protective blade cover
A/C Adapter

Product Features

  • Get a clean, close, super-smooth shave anytime, anywhere with this cordless wet/dry shaver
  • Smaller than a credit card, more powerful than a full-size shaver, the MicroForce is perfect in the shower, on the road or at the office
  • Charger included! One charge lasts up to 7 days

June 17, 2014 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Microforce By Shavepro Cordless and Rechargeable Shaver

  1. Kevin Jones says:

    Your money is better spent elsewhere Pros: Yes, it does work in the shower and underwater.Cons: Bad job at shaving, and makes your skin very irritable.Overall Thoughts: I bought the shaver in the first place to have something that could give me a real quick shave when I’m running short on time. While this does work in the shower and under water like it states, the job it does at actually shaving is quite bad actually. I have tried shaving day after day so the shaver would have very short hair to cut,…

  2. Andrew Gordon "Andrew Gordon" says:

    HAHAHA LMAO honestly, I really question the validity of positive reviews on this product. Let me give a list of items I would consider to be better to shave with.1. dull pair or scissors2. nail clippers3. cheese grater4. car keys5. ceiling fan6. brick wall7. duct tapeok, you get the idea. Seriously though, I bought this from a grocery store, mainly because it was only […] bucks and my results were as follows. On 3-4 day long facial…

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