Miusco Shaving Razor & Brush Stand, Compatible with Manual Razor, Gillette Fusion, Mach 3, FlexBall

Miusco’s shaving brush and razor is recommended to use with this stand

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Product Features

  • It will prolong your razor and brush’s life when drying properly with Miusco’s stand
  • Keeps razor and brush dry to minimize bacteria and odor growth
  • Weighted and padded base makes stand very stable
  • Resistant to rust and mold, zinc alloy stand and stainless steel are built to last
  • Stand fit most of manual razors and Gillette razors, but highly recommend to measure yours before purchasing. ***Stand Only, Razor and Brush NOT Included


Online Beauty Products
Online Beauty Products

February 22, 2018 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Miusco Shaving Razor & Brush Stand, Compatible with Manual Razor, Gillette Fusion, Mach 3, FlexBall

  1. Ari's Poppy says:

    Beauty, function and value I am new to the “wet shave” arena. I looked at lots of videos for beginners. I know that there are lots of badger hair brushes that sell for $50.00 or more. Fortunately, I decided to try this brush because of its reasonable price, plus it came with a stand which I can use for my brush and my double edge safety razor. I am thrilled with my purchase. It is beautiful. The finish is awesome. The brush is well balanced and fits easily into my hands. I have been able to create some…

  2. MSA says:

    Great Badger hair brush for a great price First time DE shaver, not disappointed in this Brush.Helped make a sufficient lather without much effort.Easily applied the lather and rinsed out nicely.No hairs falling out of it after 2 uses, will update if that becomes a problem as it has in other reviews.No weird smell coming from brush even after first use.Consider this brush for any first timers or anyone who wants a replacement for a broken one.Came very professionally packaged…

  3. Aleks says:

    Great value, for the price this can’t be beat This set is great, I am really glad I bought it. The brush bristles have gotten softer over my first month of use and the stand is really nice. I’m new to shaving brush and safety razor shaving so I don’t have any expert opinion, nor can I compare this to say a $60 brush, but I can say it doesn’t irritate and has gotten softer/nicer feeling.Some of the reviews talked about the brush having a smell the first time they used it, so I googled how to avoid this. It is badger hair, so…

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