Moom Organic Hair Removal Kit With Lavender, 6-Ounce Package

Worked well once I found the best way to use it

Overall I like the product. First few times I used it I followed directions to a T and had trouble with hair being left behind. After experimenting I have found that it works better for me if I heat it just slightly more than directed (about 30 seconds in my microwave). I apply thin layer in same direction as hair growth and apply cloth, liberally rubbing it down onto area I applied wax several times, then pull in one quick movement. I also had trouble with the cloth falling apart when I washed/dried it. I found that it must be washed on delicate cycle and then laid flat to dry. Have used it on my legs, underarms, and bikini area. Worked best on legs, worked okay on bikini area but will try again using the was slightly warmer than directed.

Product Features

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Leaves skin hair free for up to 2 months
  • Ideal for extra sensitive skin and delicate ares
  • Removes coarse as well as fine hair
  • Water soluble and leaves no residue on the skin

July 1, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Moom Organic Hair Removal Kit With Lavender, 6-Ounce Package

  1. phil says:

    Easy Organic Hair Removal After many attempts with do it yourself waxing kits, pre-waxed strips, hair removal creams and of course shaving, Moom Organic Hair Removal is my new godsend. I can shave my legs and my armpits just fine, but my bikini area is a whole nother story. I have thick, dark hair that is impossible to shave without bumps and dark roots and wouldnt seem to budge with any other products I’ve tried(nair, nads, parissa, and a few others). Moom is the only product that actually removed the hair with very…

  2. Lalagirl says:

    Try this insead of waxing I’ve been using Moom for a while and like this kit. I picked this up because I had run out of it, and was leaving for Maui and didn’t have time to go get a leg/bikini wax. It comes with cloth strips and wooden sticks to spread the mixture. Mind the microwave/heating instructions – if you overheat it, it will burn. It really only needs 12 seconds in my microwave (may differ for others). The key is to have some powder or cornstarch (put this on clean skin), spread the sugaring mix quickly and…

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