MySpring It – Spring Facial Hair Removal Tool (Better than R.E.M. for less money)

The New “must have” facial hair remover for every woman. In just 2 minutes your unwanted facial hair will be gone!! With “My Spring It” you can remove facial hair by yourself, without damaging your skin.
1. The hair is being pulled from the root, it won’t grow any darker or thicker like when you shave.

2. When using “My Spring It”, your skin is not subjected to chemicals or burns like when you wax.

3. “My Spring It “catches several strands of hair and not one by one like when you pluck.

4. With “My Spring It” you get to save your money (unlike going to the facials). “My Spring It” can be used up to one year before replacement and is affordable for every woman (unlike laser hair removal)

5. “My Spring It” is very small and doesn’t need any battery or electricity, so you can add it to your make up bag and take it with you everywhere!

6. You can use “My Spring It” on cheeks, chin and upper lip hair, also great for fine hair
and peach fuzz! (like facial hair threading or threading hair removal). Product demonstration videos are available at

Product Features

  • Facial hair remover product without damaging your skin
  • Highly Portable and Reusable
  • Cost effective and Time effective way to remove your facial hair
  • Stop waxing it, Stop shaving it, Stop bleaching it, Start spring it
  • The “Spring It” bar can be used up to 6-12 months before replacing it. So you will not be spending your money on products again and again!!


Facial hair, be gone! My Spring It review =)
July 9, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “MySpring It – Spring Facial Hair Removal Tool (Better than R.E.M. for less money)

  1. ErinlLP says:

    Excellent product Im pregnant and my somewhat hairy chin has now become a forest! The only way to rid myself of these black hairs was weekly waxing, yes, I said weekly. However the hot wax was reeking havoc on my skin, until now! I love, LOVE this product. I have been using it over a month. Whenever I have the need to get rid of facial hair I just use it sitting in bed at night and it works incredibly well! No more wax, or hours of tweezing. Honestly this product is an answer to prayer, I’ve got to stock…

  2. Christina says:

    Wow! This is amazing! It is so easy to use, painless, and it is natural, no chemicals, or ripping of the skin. For me it doesn’t hurt because I used to thread and that hurt A LOT more! It is easy to use, although you do have to go over a section 2-3 times it actually works!! This is not to be used on the eyebrows!!! It comes in a nice case and I got a pink one. My mom loves it and I think I’m going to get her one. You don’t even need a mirror, although it is very helpful. I recommend you get this,…

  3. Kat says:

    Cannot compare to REM Spring. Not sure which is most disappointing, the spring or the seller. Seller claimed this product is better than the REM Spring so I purchased 3 springs and expected great results. I have the REM Spring, but this spring was cheaper. I planned to give as gifts and keep one for myself in my purse. When the springs arrived I tried mine and discovered it is a very poor imitation of a great idea. I contacted seller December 12. I wanted to return springs because they were not as a described (didn’t…

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