Nad’s Body Wax Strips, 24 Strips

These Nads strips are quite simply the best solution to your hair removal needs. I used to use the Nads microwavable gel which I love too but I just bought the strips to try them and love them even more because of the convenience. You don’t have to heat the gel up anymore, just peel away the strips and apply to your body. I use them on my arms and can use 1 complete strip (so 2 sides) per arm. You just keep re-applying it to your arm or wherever and there’s enough Nads on there to keep using over again for that hair removal session. I did both arms in under 10 minutes and there was no mess to clean up. I use the Nads lotion afterwards which soothes the skin. There’s virtually no leftover sitckiness since the Nads is sugar based and literaly washes away under just warm water, but the lotion does get rid of anything that might get left behind.

Product Features

  • A quick and easy way to remove unwanted hair
  • Made from natural beeswax, the wax strip uses an innovative contour weave paper technology, softer and more flexible to conform better to your body?s curves
  • Removes hair as short as 2mm
  • Suitable for legs, arms, underarms and bikini

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3 thoughts on “Nad’s Body Wax Strips, 24 Strips

  1. Ashack says:

    Best I’ve found for the job! I have tried a lot of different types of waxing products, and need it to multitask– legs, underarms and bikini zone. I had also tried strips before, and they just didn’t seem to work that well. I love Nad’s strips, and now have them on a recurring order. They really snag all of the hair in the area, and are gentle enough to use in, ahem, sensitive areas. There is no comparison to heating up a tub of wax and the mess you make with a spatula, or having to wash out muslin strips from some…

  2. Brandon Taylor says:

    Good enough for me I am a male who happens to use these and I like them.First off, I am no stranger to waxing. My sister is a professional beautician and she waxes my back for me (embarrassing, I know). One time she used these because it was all that was left (the professional wax was gone), and I wanted to go to the beach. It removed the hair from my back fairly well. The one con is that it took more than one time over the same area to remove the hair, which is expected from something not…

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