Nad’s No-Heat Hair Removal Gel for Men, 1 Kit

The Essentials: No-Heat Hair Removal Gel (6 oz/170 g); 5 Cloth Strips; 1 Spatula; 1 Orange Stick; Illustrated Instruction Booklet. No body hair for up to 8 weeks (individual results may vary): Back; Chest, Arms; Legs. Safe to use. 100% Natural. The world’s No. 1 selling hair removal product. Shred the competition without getting scratched up. Use Nad’s No-Heat Hair Removal Gel for Men. It’s all natural from Australia. It’s a snap to use. And you can’t beat the return on investment on your time: one app. keeps you sleek for up to 8 weeks! Perfect for weightlifter, cyclists, swimmers, and guys who generally want to look good and get touched. No heat means no burning. Forget about wax. Nad’s For Men works with your body heat. Use it straight from the jar. Just smooth it on and lift away unwanted hair. Its pure, water-soluble ingredients rinse away cleanly. No muss. No fuss. No heat. No hair. All natural and chemical free. Nad’s For Men is the fresh way to remove unsightly body hair – without chemicals. Australian made. Nad’s comes ready to use. Washes away with water. No heating. Melts with body heat. 100% Natural. Easy to use. Ready to use. Safe to use. Washes away with water. Made in Australia.

Product Features

  • Same Original Formula in a cool blue gel for Men.
  • A complete kit for which removes unsightly body hair from the back, chest, arms and legs, leaving your body smooth and sculpted.

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2 thoughts on “Nad’s No-Heat Hair Removal Gel for Men, 1 Kit

  1. Bad Grandpa says:

    Good for back hair, but I don’t know about your nads… About a year ago I went to a major franchise waxing place and had my back waxed. It was 1 hour of pure torture and I had that green wax in my hair and all over my gold chain which was a real pain to get out. My back hurt for a month and had big red bumps all over for just as long. I bought Nads after reading the reviews and the other night I finally talked my wife into doing it while we watched Monday Night Football. First of all using Nad’s is a hell of a lot easier than using wax. You use it…

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