Nair Shower Power Max Women Hair Remover, 13 Ounce

Works while you shower!
Cream for Legs and Body
Effective even on Course Hair
With Soothing Lavender & Vitamin E
Just a Shower Away from Smooth, Radiant Skin
Smooth Skin Lasts Longer than Shaving
Specially Designed Sponge for Effective Hair Removal

Product Features

  • Cream for legs and body
  • Works even on coarse hair
  • Works while you shower
  • With soothing lavender and vitamin E
  • Effective on coarse, thick hair


Nair Shower Power Max 2010 Ad

Nair Shower Power Max 2010 Ad
January 10, 2015 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Nair Shower Power Max Women Hair Remover, 13 Ounce

  1. carrblack says:

    Great alternative to Brazilian waxing I agree with AnimeChrisy – I use this only in the bikini area with Brazilian Wax results. I am baby-smooth afterward. Ladies, make sure not to get it inside your private parts, as it will burn. However, I am very careful, and have only had that happen once. I have never found a cream that works well on my legs, so I haven’t even bothered using the Shower Formula Nair as it is intended. This bottle contains many Brazilian “waxes” – you will not run out very quickly.There is a…

  2. Kita says:

    Waste of money I’d been trying to find a depilatory that would actually work on thick/course hair and I saw that this supposedly did, so I decided to give it a try. I wish I had looked for reviews before trying this. I’ve never had reactions to depilatories in the past – at worst, just some minor irritation that went away after a couple of hours – but I have sensitive skin, so I did the patch test as it instructed (did it for 10 minutes, on the underside of my arm, as that’s the most sensitive area and I…

  3. A. ADAMS says:

    Really Works 1st let me say that I used this product EXACTLY how the directions said and it worked perfectly. I have found that other creams still leave stray hairs and hairs on the feet. This doesn’t on me. It is a bit pricey but I have also found that I go longer between uses. I start to get stubbles on day 7 or 8. Not too smelly either. I do use a heavily smelling soap after product is off in order not to smell like the nair product. This works well for the odor. If you skip the smelly soap step…

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