Natural Way 24oz Depilatory Hard Wax

Great product

I ordered this product to try hard wax. I did not noticed I had ordered microwaveable. I tried it and was very pleased with it. I went back to place an order but this time non microwave. oh and the smaller cans. The wax was easy to handle and very gentle on skin.

Natural Way Hard Wax Depilatories are made from PREMIUM 100% natural beeswax and resins. This unmatched quality makes for an incredibly pleasant waxing experience for men and women. This strip free wax is also known as “The Natural Face & Body Wax ™”.

Product Features

  • QUICK: Much longer applications are possible because NATURAL WAY is strip free and the wax is flexible longer.
  • EASY: Apply and Pull off by hand. Strip Free.
  • CLEAN: Natural beeswax and resins make for a formula that feels smooth on the skin immediately after waxing. NATURAL WAY may be cleaned off surfaces with less residue.
  • SAFE: Heated (microwave or double boil) slightly, avoiding melting completely, so never too hot.
  • 100% Natural Beeswax and Resins. Honey free. Sugar Free. Synthetic Free.


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3 thoughts on “Natural Way 24oz Depilatory Hard Wax

  1. Ashley says:

    Practice makes perfect! Item is as described. Hair will remove, but on African American hair, it will not work as great, but you just have to wax the area a couple times. It is important to know the technique of removing hard wax in order to remove the hair and wax efficiently. I found that since I wasn’t trained at removing the wax, I had to practice a couple of times in order to know how much to apply, how thick it should be, where to leave a flap of wax up (so I can have a grip) in order to remove the wax (without…

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