Naturally Bare Honey Wax Hair Remover for Body Wax Women by Sally Hansen, 1 Count

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Hair Bleach for face, legs and arms quickly and effectively lightens even the darkest hair so that it blends beautifully into your own skin tone.

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Product Features

  • Bleach for face, legs, hands
  • Quickly and effectively
  • Lightens even the darkest hair


Online Beauty Products
Online Beauty Products

May 25, 2017 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Naturally Bare Honey Wax Hair Remover for Body Wax Women by Sally Hansen, 1 Count

  1. Vanya K says:

    it was alright i’ve been waxing for almost 5 years now and this wax is wax. i didn’t like the hair remover strips it came with AT ALL. this plastic stuff didn’t adhere to the wax one bit. it even made it hurt to pull. i went to local beauty store and bought some strips there. THEN it worked. it heats up quickly, and stays hot for a while. that’s a plus! so…you can take it back to the bathroom without making a mess in the kitchen. for my arms, i only had to reheat it once. so bravo there. however, i’ve…

  2. Ayanna says:

    its great.. provided u use it correctly I read the reviews for the product(which were not great) but i bought it wanting to try it myself. I used it and found it to work just perfectly. I heated up the wax in the microwave for about 40secs or so though the instructions say we can also use it at room temperature but i doubt that it will.(u’l need to heat up several times, whenver it gets cold) I have tried different wax before but i can say from my experience that you always need the wax heated up well to be able to wax smoothly and…

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