Neutrogena Men Sensitive Skin Shave Cream, 5.1 Fl. Oz(Pack of 2)

Help protect your skin during shaving with the thick, rich lather of Neutrogena Men Sensitive Skin Shave Cream. This formula works on contact to help calm, soothe and protect sensitive skin from regular shaving irritation. Formulated with Pro-Soothe Technology, this shave cream also helps provide protection against razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Neutrogena Men Sensitive Skin Shave Cream rinses clean and is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog pores.

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Product Features

  • 5.1-fluid ounce bottle of shave cream
  • Helps soothe and protect against razor irritation
  • Formulated for sensitive skin
  • With Pro-Soothe Technology, it helps fight razor bumps and ingrown hair
  • Non-comedogenic formula won’t clog pores


Online Beauty Products
Online Beauty Products

May 10, 2018 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Neutrogena Men Sensitive Skin Shave Cream, 5.1 Fl. Oz(Pack of 2)

  1. ZDF says:

    Great sub for brushing on a real lather Top line: Great comfort and close shave without the hassle and clean up of shave soap / brushGood: I’ve been using this shave cream with a double edged safety razor for 5+ years now. I’m on my third razor (keep dropping and breaking the damn things), but the shave cream remains the same. Just a little bit goes a long way, and lathers up nice and smooth and a nice, mild scent. It’s at least partially translucent, so you can actually see where you are shaving for detail work (unlike…

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