NEW! baKblade’s “BIGMOUTH” Do-It-Yourself Back Hair Shaver – No Shaving Cream Required! (Watch Our Customer Review Video Demonstration!)

baKBlade’s “BIG MOUTH” back hair shaver removes hair from your shoulders, arms and upper and lower back area. Simply hold the baKBlade back shaver with the teeth facing towards the skin and drag lightly across the unwanted hair. The teeth grab and cut the hair with no discomfort, similar to a back scratching tool. The overall sensation is quite pleasant. For the lower back, flip the handle so that it is now facing the opposite direction and with the same motion, glide the baKBlade back shaver over the unwanted hair to remove. You may want to use a mirror to ensure that you have removed all the unwanted hair. The first time should take a little while as you become familiar with the tool. Once you have a little practice it is recommended to maintain shaving your back area once every 3 or 4 days to keep a nice smooth back.

Product Features

  • Unique Patent Pending Safety Blade Reduces Risk of Cutting
  • Ergonomic Design, Lightweight, Over 4″ Wide Safety Blade and No Shaving Cream Required
  • Gives a Smooth Sexy Look Versus a Clippers Trim
  • Allows a Full Extendable Reach Enabling even the Hardest Areas to be Reached

March 26, 2016 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “NEW! baKblade’s “BIGMOUTH” Do-It-Yourself Back Hair Shaver – No Shaving Cream Required! (Watch Our Customer Review Video Demonstration!)

  1. Simple1 says:

    Buy it I buy Amazon stuff regularly. This is the first review I am ever leaving. I am a furry guy… embarrassingly furry. I hate asking my girlfriend to shave my creepy back and in the past I have even paid my daughter. I was very hesitant to buy this but I did and I used it today for the first time. This thing is awesome. It took me a while to get er done maybe 15 minutes but it is closer than I have gotten it ever and I was able to get every area! I am not the most limber guy so I was…

  2. Billy Mullins says:

    It is a simple and a very effective product I tried it both dry and wet with same results. If you’re going to use it in the shower it will help to have a large mirror. One method I’ve got with great results was take a shower and dry off and use it then, much like shaving your facial hair. This is not going to give you a smooth shave like your facial razor. This is a great for when you’re going to the pool or having your shirt off. My girlfriend commented on my back hair, which is not dark and thick, but a light blonde color and when dry,…

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