NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Gel – Protects Sensitive Skin From Shave Irritation – 7 oz. Can (Pack of 3)

Comforts and protects. Skin guard technology. Alcohol free. Improved formula. Extra gentle formula with Chamomile and vitamin care specially developed for easily irritated and sensitive skin. Comforting and protecting care. Comforts easily irritated skin while shaving. Cares and protects from skin redness. Alcohol-free and dye – free. Advanced shaving with skin guard technology. New improved formula creates a protective barrier between the razor and your skin without compromising the closeness of the shave. Effective razor gliding. Protects against micro cuts and irritations. Results: Perfect shave for calm and healthy looking skin. Skin feel relaxed and comfortable. Dermatologically tested on men with sensitive skin. Contains no CFC’s which deplete the ozone layer. Made in Germany.

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Product Features

  • Moisturizing shaving gel; extra-thick lather
  • Protects against razor burn and other minor irritations
  • Contains aloe to soothe skin


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Online Beauty Products

July 16, 2019 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Gel – Protects Sensitive Skin From Shave Irritation – 7 oz. Can (Pack of 3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m a woman and love this stuff Not sure why there is even a distinction between men and women’s shaving gel other than maybe a perception that women or men need a certain fragrance, but I’m a woman so comparing this to other women’s shave gels and a few men’s, this stuff is the best. I shave my whole lower region and have had stinging from the fragrances/ingredients in other shave creams/gels. This stuff doesn’t sting. It lathers easily and doesn’t clog up the razor. I can’t even think of the scent off the top of my head so…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think there is a difference… I’m having a difficult time writing this with a straight face but I’ve used this shave gel against the gillette gel I still have and I notice the final shave (how smooth my face is) is noticeably different. (not as good as the gillette gel)I really would have thought all shave gel was roughly the same but after 3-4 different attempts with fresh razors, the only thing I can think of is the nivea gel is thicker and might be gumming up the three blades on my razor.Maybe…

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