Noxema Bikini shave and trim 3 in a pack (3 packs)

It shaves and trims really well. No nicks or razor bumps! It works really well for bikini lines. I do not and will not use any other things for my special area.

These work OK. Get in the shower to have a lot of hot water. Of course use a good shaving cream. I use these for my face. They work as long as you pull the skin tight. I cannot tell any difference in shaving delicate skin than I can with a good razor. However, you can get these razors into areas you would not be able to shave with a reg razor.

Product Features

  • – Skim Smoothing Shea Butter
  • – 3 Packages of 3 Shavers Each for a Total of 12 Shavers
  • – Easy Grip Handle
  • – Trim and Shave Specially Made for Bikini Area

June 21, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Noxema Bikini shave and trim 3 in a pack (3 packs)

  1. Denise Weiss "zumbamom" says:

    I Cannot Live Without These Unless I use these “specialty” Noxema razors, I inevitably cut myself ” down there “. Regular shavers areSimply too large to maneuver in the angles needed to reach certain places . I’ve been in a state of anxiety fearing these were discontinued. I have not been able to buy them retail since last summer.Tonight I cut myself for the 3rd time in a month and decided to search my trusty Amazon prime . Sure enough….I’m buying a case of these. Does not matter which…

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