Numbing Cream 5% Lidocaine Topical Anesthetic – Fast Acting Tattoo Numbing Cream for Deep Pain Relief and Numbing Cream for Microneedling/Piercing/Microblading/Laser Hair Removal/Electrolysis (2)

NumbSkin Lidocaine 5% Cream
Get Rid of The Pain and Do What Your Heart Desires.


STEP 1 – Wipe your skin with a damp cloth.

STEP 2 – Place NumbSkin over your skin and start rubbing it lightly, not too harsh to dissolve the entire cream.

STEP 3 -Make sure that the cream is not dry on your skin – add a little more if needed

STEP 4 The numbing effects starts in about 15 – 30 minutes. For best results wait around 45-60 minutes.

-Will it numb my whole body?
No, NumbSkin is used as a local anesthetic cream and will only work on the part where it is applied.

-How long do I have to wait for it work?
We recommend at least 15-30 minutes just for the numbing effect to start.

-What can It be use for?
NumbSkin can be used as:
– Tattoo anesthetic cream
– Face numbing cream
– Pain numbing Cream
– Skin Numbing Cream for Tattoos
– Brazilian Waxing
– Piercing deep numb cream
– Hemorrhoid treatment
– Permanent makeup numbing cream

– Can this cream be used before a vaccine injections?
Yes! You it can be used as a numbing cream for injections and you won’t feel the vaccination needles.

-How long does it last?
The effect lasts up to 4 hours.

-Do I need a prescription?
No, you can safely buy it as an over the counter numbing cream.

-Is it a spray, ointment or a lotion?
Not really, it is an extra strength numbing cream.

Product Features

  • ✅【IMAGINE NOT BEING AFRAID OF FEELING PAIN ANYMORE?】What if you could finally do this sexy piercing or tattoo that you are always dreaming about, without feeling any pain. The lidocaine cream 5% will give you the freedom to make them happen and much more. What are you waiting for?
  • ✅【STOP THE PAIN BEFORE DOING YOUR TATTOO:】Tattoos in sensitive areas are the most painful. How to make sure that you are not going to stop in the middle as it can take few hours? Tattoo topical lidocaine 5% will prevent the pain, lasting up to 4 hours on any part of your body, nothing more to say.
  • ✅【100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE & CRUELTY-FREE PRODUCT:】We believe in the purpose of taking care of everyone. Our products are cruelty-free; no animals were used for testing. We trust the quality of our work, if you are not 100% stratified with our topical numbing cream, you can have your money back.
  • ✅【PROTECT YOUR SKIN DURING LASER HAIR REMOVAL:】Are you dreaming about the perfect soft and smooth body but getting a laser session is making you hesitate? You are right, it is not possible to do it without feeling the pain. This fast acting pain relief cream will get you ready in 15-30 minutes.
  • ✅【LIVE A PAIN FREE LIFE AGAIN:】Constant nerve pain in your feet or hands can have a real effect on your daily life. Mood swinging, having trouble sleeping or feeling low energy, can prevent you from doing the things you love & spending quality time with your family. NumbSkin’s foot pain relief products will block the pain for hours.

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