Omega 46065 Shaving Set with Brush, Holder, and Soap in Bowl

This shaving gift set includes an omega boar brush, omega shaving soap in bowl, and a plastic brush stand to hold your brush to dry after use. this makes an excellent gift, and is a perfect starter pack for a wet shaving enthusiast.

Product Features

  • Includes omega boar brush, shaving soap, and shaving stand
  • Everything you need to get started
  • Made in italy
  • Makes a great gift

June 16, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Omega 46065 Shaving Set with Brush, Holder, and Soap in Bowl

  1. Ronald W Gallant says:

    Perfect for beginners and long time users alike I have been a classic wet shaver for many years. I started with badger brushes and expensive creams. I have a rather large collection of brushes and soaps. Out of my collection of brushes I have three favorites. A $130 Italian silver-tip badger, an $85 Rooney silver-tip and my Omega boar. I love my Omega, especially with soaps. The secret is to soak it in hot water before you get in the shower. Boar takes a little longer to absorb lots of water and also to soften up so as not to break off…

  2. C. Rochelle says:

    Anniversary Present I purchased this set as part of a present for my boyfriend for our five-year anniversary. He had been wanting to try a badger hair shaving brush after reading some reviews in a magazine. However, he had no experience with shaving brushes at all. I thought that this looked stylish and would be a good way to see if he liked brushes before dropping lots of cash on a badger hair one.We both really liked the style of the set and also how little space it takes up. He enjoyed the…

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