Pacific Shaving Company Ultra Slick Shave Stick, The Original, Best Shave Stick for Men and Women – Safe Ingredients, Long-Lasting

Time For a Stick Shift. Incredibly easy to apply and mess-free, this shave stick will completely change your shaving game. Just rub it directly on wet skin (whether or not you even lather is up to you) and shave away! Perfect for your face, head, legs, underarms, sink, shower, bathtub – anywhere and everywhere you shave. Directions: Apply directly to wet skin, with and against the grain of your hair growth. If a lather is desired, massage into skin with your hand or a a quality brush. Enjoy your shave! No mess – Easy to apply Perfect for Travel For face, head, legs, underarm – anywhere and everywhere you shave! A little goes a long way. UBERLATHER RECIPE: Apply shave stick underneath your favorite Pacific Shaving Company shaving cream. Use quality brush to create an ultra-rich, incredibly slick lather. Made in the USA | No Animal Testing | No Parabens | No Phthlates | No Dyes | Gluten-Free | Vega.n ?Looking not just for ‘how to shave’, but how to get ‘the best’ shave? It’s all in your shaving cream. With safe, natural, and plant-derived ingredients, our unique non-aerosol formula is about to become your skin’s best friend. But this isn’t only about closer shaves – it’s got you covered before, during and after. Here’s what you can expect: – Softer whiskers and superior lubrication – Healthy, soft skin. A little goes a long way! Our small but mighty stick is long-lasting, and will help keep your skin smooth (like butter!) and supple. WE’LL PRETTY MUCH DO ANYTHING TO AVOID CHECKING OUR LUGGAGE. Whether we’re off to Miami or Madagascar, checking bags is a leap of faith we’re never excited to take. Will our stuff actually meet us in Boston, Bangkok, Berlin? Will our under things be untouched and our toiletries intact? To avoid the unknowns of the checked bag experience, our line of shaving essentials is TSA-compliant, always 3.4 ounces or less. Totally cool for your carry-on.

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Product Features

  • UNLIKE OTHER SHAVING CREAMS, PACIFIC SHAVING CO. PRODUCTS ARE MADE WITH SAFE, NATURAL, AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. Our Ultra Slick Shave Stick provides great cushion, glide, and leaves skin feeling moisturized and healthy-looking.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO RAZOR-BURN. Innovative and effective formulations that soothe skin and help reduce irritation and bumps. Great for sensitive skin. Actually enjoy shaving again!
  • COOL FOR YOUR CARRY-ON. CONCENTRATED FORMULAS IN TSA, TRAVEL FRIENDLY SIZES. Nothing is worse than getting your favorite shaving items confiscated at the airport. Our items will help you breeze through airport security. Road warriors rejoice!
  • No Animal Testing, No Parabens, No Phthlates, No Dyes, Gluten-Free, Vegan
  • Made in the USA


Online Beauty Products
Online Beauty Products

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3 thoughts on “Pacific Shaving Company Ultra Slick Shave Stick, The Original, Best Shave Stick for Men and Women – Safe Ingredients, Long-Lasting

  1. Northridge Mark says:

    Works well — if you use it right I can’t give this five stars … yet, but I’m pretty sure that after a few more shaves, I probably will.This shave cream prepared my face and neck for a smooth, comforable shave, even though I was using a blade that had already been used a few times, and I was shaving a two day growth of beard.I only used a pea sized (or smaller) bit of the shave cream.After reading all the reviews, it seems obvious that most of the negative reviews came from users who didn’t…

  2. Don says:

    This is the best shaving cream I have ever used I want to make it absolutely clear that the only reason that I bought this product on Amazon was so I could write a review, and be a verified purchaser. This is the best shaving cream I have ever used. End of story. I’ve been shaving for over 30 years and have very tough facial hair. I understand the people that say it smells like toothpaste or whatever because it kind of does but it is a pleasant smell, and dissipates quickly. I think the most important thing to remember when using this…

  3. Sincerely Yours says:

    No Razo Bumps I bought this shaving cream for my husband because every time he would shave he would have a lot of razor bumps. Me being the caring wife that I am I thought it might have been a little irritation/rash around his neck area. I bought this cream for him along with a stainless steel razor. He loves the cream! He says it works a lot better than the previous dollar store brand he would purchase. He gets a close shave. No razors bumps, no stubble. Very smooth…and a little bit goes a long way. Plus…

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