Panasonic ER-GS60-S Self-Hair Clipper Wet/Dry

The quietest clippers I have ever owned

I’ve been using these clippers on a weekly basis for about a month now. The clippers I was using before were tremendously loud. These barely make a noise at all! I love the fact that this is a wet/dry model and I can take it in the shower with me. It recharges at a docking station (so I don’t have to worry about batteries). It has several settings, very easy to clean, and easy to adjust. This product also has a quality feel to it and is aesthetically pleasing. It would make a great gift.

Product Features

  • 45-degree blade that has comb attachments
  • Use wet or dry, rubberized grip with a ergonomic design
  • Water drain for easy maintenance after usage
  • Charging stand included, replacement blade
  • Measures: 7.1 inch height x 2.1 inch weight x 2.1 inch length, 4.9 ounce

July 1, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Panasonic ER-GS60-S Self-Hair Clipper Wet/Dry

  1. W. T. Hoffman "artist and musician" says:

    CUT YR OWN HAIR fast and easy I’ve been cutting my own hair with barber clippers for 20 years. However, I forgot to open it up to remove the hair that gets caught behind the blade, and it caught fire. (with my hair half shaved, of course.) So, I needed a new clipper. Technology has certainly advanced since 1992. No more cords, or various comb attachments, or balky design. This PANASONIC Wet/Dry Hair clipper does everything I’d ever want from a clipper, and then some. For starters, you charge it, so there’s no 120 volts of…

  2. Bryan Newman "" says:

    Hands Down the Best Clipper I have Owned I’ve gone through a number of beard clippers in the last few year. Admittedly they were all cheap and you get what you pay for, but this one just exudes quality. The clipper have a great feel in the hand and has an understated buzz for the way it powers through my beard.I also love the power base that this comes with. Much better than the charging cords of the others I have owned. The guides work well although you need to press a couple of releases on the guide to change between…

  3. D. Blankenship says:

    Well satisified with this extremely useful product. It does what it says it will do The razor is everything the product description says it is. It is actually one of the best hair clippers I have ever owned. I have a full beard; a short one I grant you, but never-the-less full. I have always had problems using the specialized clipper made specifically for beard care. It is small, as they all are, which is fine I suppose, but it is difficult to get a neat trim between where the hair on my head melds with the hair on my face. This larger clipper takes care of that problem…

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