Panasonic ES-ED64-S Epilator for women with 4 shaver

Panasonic ES-ED64-S 4-in-1 Epilator.

Product Features

  • Dual-Speed Epilator is the ideal personal care system for gentle hair removal and waxing
  • Quick-pivoting head glides side-to-side and pivots 30° forward/30° backward to comfortably follow body contours
  • Four distinct attachments designed for full body epilation (Brush Head, Dual-Disc Epilator Head, Epilator Gentle Cap and Gentle Epilator Head)
  • LED light illuminates hard-to-see hair
  • Use wet or dry, 100% waterproof/washable

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3 thoughts on “Panasonic ES-ED64-S Epilator for women with 4 shaver

  1. LookinG for Trouble "Live well, laugh loudly,... says:

    Pain IS relative When we got belly rings, my best friend went first because she liked to say that I was the big baby. Anyway, she said it didn’t hurt. I downed another tequila shot and went in to see the guy with the giant needle of fire who would pierce my navel. There were not enough tequila shots to cover that pain. People will say this doesn’t hurt either and they are not all big fat liars like my best friend.THIS was not THAT bad. In fact, this one is probably the best of the epilators I…

  2. Corey A. Balazowich says:

    Nope to the nope nope nope The day this device of torture arrived I was quite excited to test it out. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and thought that while it wouldn’t be fun, it wouldn’t be SO bad and those mentioning pain were just weak.Well.It’s winter. So, shaving isn’t the every day occurrence like it is in the summer so the hair was a bit longer than the normal day-after-stubble. I also have very thick hair so keep that in mind. I set the Epilator on the low setting, put on the…

  3. Anonymous says:

    While I am not known for any extraordinary bravery, I took a “no guts, no glory” attitude when I first used this epilator: dry, full speed, regular cap. And I was very, very pleased with the results. Hair-free legs! It worked really well, and did not hurt, left just a mild tingly sensation.I was a little concerned when I first read all the warnings. Among other things, don’t use on suntanned skin (??) or baggy skin. Hey, I’m old — ALL my skin is baggy.I did use it…

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