Panasonic ES2262A Men’s Wet/Dry Multi-Angled Personal Groomer

Panasonic ES2262A Trimmer ES2262A 264Panasonic’s Body Effects Grooming System (model no. ES2262) is an ultra-versatile men’s hair removal solution designed to provide all-over personal grooming for today’s more appearance-conscious man.

The Panasonic Body Effects Grooming System’s handle extends to two positions and bends in six positions from 105 to 180 degrees to enable efficiency and ease of use for maximum access in personal grooming needs. This flexibility allows the shaver head to hug body contours in hard-to-reach areas. Three comb attachments further customize grooming options, while wet/dry capability means the grooming system can be used in the shower. The grooming system is also hypoallergenic and rechargeable.

Product Features

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