Parissa Organic Sugar Wax, Waxing Kit made of Organic Sugar Wax for Hair Removal Body Waxing, 240ml (8oz), 30 strips, 3 spatulas

What is Parissa Organic Wax? This is a hair removal waxing kit. The wax formula is based on Organic sugar & Organic Chamomile extract. The waxing kit comes with spatulas, fabric strips and Parissa aftercare Azulene oil. Parissa Organic Wax works best for fine to medium hair types.

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How do I use it? A honey consistency is required. Depending on your climate, Parissa Organic Wax can be gently/briefly warmed in the microwave or a hot water bath. Once warm, apply a thin layer with spatula provided in the direction of hair growth. Press on fabric strips provided. Zip off in the opposite direction of hair growth, parallel to skin. Do not pull straight up. Keep the skin taut. Technique can make all the difference. Parissa contact details are on the packaging, do not be shy, get in touch if you are having any trouble. Detailed photo instructions are included in the waxing kit, please read carefully. After waxing, remove any excess wax with water and soap.

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More info on Parissa Organic Wax: Sugar waxing is a great natural hair removal treatment that is gentle on skin, yet effective for removing medium-fine hair on legs body or face. Parissa Organic Wax is made from natural ingredients and also contains soothing Chamomile: Making it the best choice for people who have sensitive skin and require a simple, all-natural product. Parissa Organic Wax is water-soluble, so any wax residue left on the skin simply rinses away with lukewarm water. The same goes for any spills or drips. The fabric strips are reusable. When you are finished waxing, run the strips under warm water and rub gently until all the wax rinses away, then hang them on your towel rack to dry and be used next time.

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Parissa Waxing Tips: For sugar based waxes start with clean skin. Keep a damp cloth nearby for cleaning hands/skin during hair removal. The thinner you spread the product the better the results. Always pull strip back along itself in one quick movement. Do not peel or pull off slowly. The faster the strip is removed the better the results. As needed, warm the wax throughout process to maintain fluid honey consistency. Avoid all interruptions and delays during the waxing process. Always press-on in direction of hair growth. Strip-off in opposite direction. To minimize discomfort, keep skin tight throughout treatment. Pull strip back along itself in one quick motion. Never peel off slowly. The faster the strip is removed the better the results. Do not apply wax more than once on the same area during any given treatment. Some redness is normal after waxing.

Product Features

  • Washable Formula Organic Sugar Wax (Cold Wax). This hair removal wax washes off with water. Easy post waxing clean-up and residue removal. Washable strips and spatulas.
  • No Heating Required: This cold wax can be used without any warming. For colder climates gentle warming may help to create honey consistency, as a thin layer is required. Read instructions carefully for the best results.
  • Long Lasting Smoothness: Hair removal lasts for weeks longer than shaving. Removes hair from the root, discouraging re-growth over time. Sugar Wax is effective for body waxing of all hair types – except very course hair.
  • Complete Waxing Kit: This kit contains 240ml of sugar wax, 30 fabric strips and 3 spatulas & 8ml after-care oil. The fabric strips are washable & reuseable. Everything you need for at-home body waxing
  • Natural Ingredients: This Organic Sugar based wax is all natural and certified organic. Gentle on skin, and the environment.

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3 thoughts on “Parissa Organic Sugar Wax, Waxing Kit made of Organic Sugar Wax for Hair Removal Body Waxing, 240ml (8oz), 30 strips, 3 spatulas

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    One of the best user friendly waxes!!! I have used this a couple of times over the past few months. It is so nice to work with as long as it’s warmed which makes it so much easier to spread thinly. Thin is the key to using this! It works excellent for hair removal on legs, underarms, face, and bikini area. I’ve been waxing for almost 20yrs. And have used many brands from Nair, Sally Hansen, Nads, and more. When Nair discontinued their washable waxing gel, I was so disappointed. Parissa organic wax is the first wax to be so…

  2. GCR says:

    Finally a decent microwavable, washable wax!! Finally!!!! A replacement for the old Nair product from several years ago. I’ve been waxing for years with Nair and watched it slowly disappear from store shelves and the price rise. The newer Nair roll on products are more expensive and not as good. I’ve tried several other wax products – more expensive and less expensive – they were all bad.This product is great. It goes on nicely and easily washes off. You can get 2+ leg waxes from one kit. The strips are nice and thick,…

  3. Anonymous says:

    This was my first experiencing with waxing. I chose Parissa because it was washable, so I hoped it would be easy for a beginner such as myself to use. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but after three or four times, I finally got some momentum going.I would recommend applying the wax in the OPPOSITE direction of hair growth though (exact opposite of the instructions). For some reason I had better results this way than when following Parissa’s instructions. Also, less painful when…

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