Parissa Salon Style Hot/Hard Wax For Women & Men, Complete Waxing Kit for Facial, Eyebrow, Bikini, Brazilian areas

Parissa Hot Wax is a natural no-strip salon strength hair remover wax that’s perfect for gently lifting away short, coarse hair in sensitive skin areas. Parissa Hot Wax is applied when warm and liquid. The wax firms up as it cools. This works well to grab all hairs, even short and coarse hair. The hairs are lifted out by the root. This means your skin stays smooth for weeks longer than shaving. Each time you wax, the hair follicle is weakened, over time hair regrowth becomes softer and sparser. Parissa Hot Wax is a professional style wax for those with waxing experience. It is effective on all hair types including coarse hair.

Parissa Hot wax is made from 4 simple ingredients: Gum Rosin, Beeswax, Canola Oil & Chamomile. It’s the best choice for those concerned about skin sensitivity as it’s very gentle.

Warm the wax using stove-top or Parissa Wax Warmer. Once the wax is like thick honey it’s ready to use, carefully test temperature before applying. Apply a thick layer in the opposite direction of hair growth. Wait for the wax to become firm and no longer tacky to the touch. Peel the edge and then quickly zip away the wax. Any spills or mild stickiness from wax left on the skin can be cleaned easily with the included Azulene Oil. In fact the wax also cleans away with other oils (baby oil, olive oil, coconut oil).

Previously shaved hair is stubbly & resistant. Wait for 2 weeks hair growth (½ cm or ¼”) before waxing. Do not bathe, wash or clean skin before waxing. The skin’s natural oils provide a buffer between wax and skin. Sparingly applying light talc powder is also an option. Remove any wax left on skin with the Azulene aftercare oil included in the kit.

Do not be shy and get in touch if you are having any issues. Our contact details are on the packaging or on our website.

Product Features

  • Hot Waxing Kit Usage: this DIY waxing kit is formulated to tackle the toughest hair including short and coarse hair in small and delicate areas. It is ideal for waxing at face brows, underarms or bikini areas
  • Skin Safe Waxing Strips: this Brazilian waxing kit is made using skin safe ingredients including azulene (Chamomile extract), Collophonium, Cera Alba (beeswax), and Brassica Napus. These skin safe ingredients do not harm the skin or cause allergic reaction
  • Strip Free Waxing: unlike other waxes, Brazilian wax does not require fabric strips. Just apply a thick layer of this bikini wax evenly. Let it cool down for a few seconds and peel off to get a smooth, hairless skin
  • Softer skin: waxing is not only essential for removing hair, but it also helps in removing the tan on your skin. Waxing on regular intervals will also help making your skin silky, soft and smooth to touch
  • Usage Instructions: do not wash, bathe or clean skin before waxing. Try waxing your arms only when hair growth is about 1/2 cm or 1/4 cm

November 5, 2018 - Comment