Parker 29L Long Handle Women’s Double Edge Safety Razor and 5 Parker Premium Platinum Blades (Lavender)

The Parker 29L line of razors is great for both men and women. All razor have highly textured handle for a sure grip. The razors have Parker’s world famous butterfly open mechanism which provides close, comfortable and smooth shaves. The handle of this razor is thinner than most which makes the razor more maneuverable. It is an excellent for both men and women. All Parker razors are handmade to ensure the higest quality levels.

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Available in Blue, Rose Gold, Chrome, Pink or Lavender – pick the color that suits your taste. All razors come with 5 Parker Premium Platinum Double Edge Razor blades.

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Product Features

  • Long handle provides for easier shaving and razor maneuverability
  • Butterly Open (Twist-to-Open) Mechanism makes blade chaning easier
  • Textured Handle Provides a sure grip, even with Wet and Soapy Hands
  • 5 Parker Premium Platinum Blades are included
  • Every Parker Razor is handmade to ensure the highest level of quality


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2 thoughts on “Parker 29L Long Handle Women’s Double Edge Safety Razor and 5 Parker Premium Platinum Blades (Lavender)

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is one problem…. This razor is similar to the one i first shaved my legs with in the sixties. I have reverted to a double edge safety razor for several reasons: the increasing cost of disposables, the lousy shave with disposables, the poor quality control of the edge of the blade with disposables and the issue of recycling disposables. This Parker razor solves every single one of those problems.I am extremely satisfied with this lavender handled razor. I like the fact that I only need to buy blades…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Other then that you get a beautiful smooth leg when you shave and seems the hair … The reason I bought this razor….. I was so tired of buying the High Price razors that cost around 17$ for starter kit then the refills were 40$. This razor is everything and more then those expense ones and the razor itself last A LONG TIME…..I can get around 7 to 10 shaves off one razor also the razor replacements are not even half the price of the expensive refill razors. Now for the downside and I cannot express this enough! This razor will cause serious injuries cuts on your…

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