Parker 82R Safety Razor Shave Set – Includes Pure Badger Brush

Best Shave Ever

Purchased this razor set after refreshing several different brands. I love it. The best shave I have ever had. The weight of the razor is perfect and gets the job done with almost zero effort. I have been using the razor with Shark super chrome blades and Parker Safety Razor Premium Sandalwood & Ethiopian Shea Butter Shaving Soap. I can’t describe how wonderful shaving with this combination is. I now look forward to shaving.

This combination contains a Parker 82R HEAVYWEIGHT butterfly safety razor, our deluxe pure badger brush and a stainless steel stand.

Each component in the shaving set has been perfectly matched to provide the ultimate shave.

The Parker 82R has a brass frame and butterfly-open doors. This is a HEAVY razor, weighing 3.3 ounces!

Our deluxe brush has the highest quality pure badger bristles! Our brush knots are hand selected for density, softness, and quality in order to assure a brush that will provide excellent lather and beard softening for years to come.

The stainless steel stand is both beautiful and functional.

If you are new to “Wet Shaving” or a seasoned double edge shaver, this set will impress. See for yourself why many of us believe that a great shave starts with a lather and requires a safety razor! If you’re looking for a barbershop shave at home, or a great gift, this set will hit the mark!

Product Features

  • Heavyweight “butterfly open” Parker 82R Safety Razor
  • Deluxe chrome handled pure badger brush
  • Matching stainless steel stand
  • Excellent as a gift or for yourself!
  • Beautiful and Functional – A great combination for a great shave!


Parker 82R / Safety Razor 3D

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3 thoughts on “Parker 82R Safety Razor Shave Set – Includes Pure Badger Brush

  1. BMW//M3 says:

    Once you get the hang of it….wow One of my buddies wouldn’t stop raving about how great a shave he gets with the traditional wet shave and safety razor.So, I went out on a limb and bought this set along with some Musgo Real cream. The first three weeks I had my share of…well…really bloody faces. You definitely have to relearn how to shave with these blades. When you start off, do not shave at any other setting than with the bottom adjustment fully tightened.I do one pass with the grain, re-lather,…

  2. Jclimber says:

    Great except for one thing This was my first foray into the world of wet shaving. I decided to go with the Parker set because of the price point over the Merkur. Along with that the reviews seemed generally favorable for Parker as Merkur on Amazon. I got the set in good time and started that day shaving with it. I really liked the heavy badger brush and the attractive chrome stand the set came with. The Gillette blades were also fine for someone starting out. However when I inserted the blade into the butterfly design of…

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