Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 SHARK blades

This is the long awaited Parker 96R with a newly redesigned head! This razor has a sure grip handle. The frame is all brass and the head is nickel plated! This razor provides an incredibly smooth shave when coupled with the SHARK blades. The razor weighs 3.0 ounces and is perfect for both new and expert wet shavers! We believe this razor will rival any on the market for shave closeness and comfort – even those costing much more. The head on this razor has been designed to provide a very smooth and comfortably shave. Don’t let the beautiful looks of this razor fool you, it is meant to shave with and it will reward you with a barbershop-close shave every time!

Product Features

  • A Genuine Parker Safety Razor product! For over 40 years, Parker’s safety razors have been imitated but never duplicated!
  • Twist-to-Open butterfly doors for easy blade replacement
  • Textured handle for a sure srip
  • Genuine Brass Frame – Solid Construction
  • 5 SHARK BLADES – Outstanding Shavers!

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3 thoughts on “Parker 96R – Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Safety Razor & 5 SHARK blades

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Nice razor!!! The Parker 96R is an excellent razor, the weight of the razor is just perfect for shaving so you don’t need to press hard to get a close shave …just use the weight of the razor. The knurled handle is very comfortable to hold and keeps the razor from slipping in your hands. This razor is very well built. I recently switched from using the Mach 3 razor to the safety razor due the outrageous cost of the Mach 3 blades. I was very surprised how easy it is to shave with a safety razor,…

  2. D. Garsys says:

    Wow.. and semi-scientific comparisons I decided to give the whole DE-shaving thing a try. After looking around, I ended up buying the Parker 96R razor because it reminded me of my dad’s gillette from waayyyy back. I also ordered a 10-pack of Sharks (came with the Razor), a 10-pack of Merkur blades, and a 25-pack of Derby blades.First note – the razor is solid, with a comfortable heft. It also closes up well – though not quite perfectly on both sides – and holds the blades nice and straight while making it trivial to pop…

  3. D. Tyson says:

    Parker 96R Open Double Edge Razor My Gillette adjustable razor that I’ve had for 25 years finally wore out. You can no longer by these at the grocery or drug store and the ones I’ve seen on ebay are very expensive. Looking on Amazon I came across a bunch of double edge razors. The Parker 96R resembled the old Gillete and the price was reasonable. When I recieved it I was very pleased with the weight and quality of the razor. Being a wet shavor since I started shaving it only took one shave with the Parker to get used to it,…

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