Permanent Facial&Body Hair Removal device for Women, Painless IPL Hair Removal device,500000 Flashes, Home Use

How does IPL hair removal system work on your hair?
The energy of short intense pulse light is absorbed preferentially by the pigment in root hair follicle, after continuous treatments, hair is prevented from growing back.
Studies show up to 90% hair reduction in just 4 weeks, resulting in smooth, hair-free skin. 2 treatment per week is requested, each treatment , repeat 2-3 times .To maintain results, touch-up every 4 to 8 weeks.
How to use it?
Before Use:
1. Hair must be absent or below 2mm on skin surface for equipment to work correctly
2.Skin should be properly cleaned and free from oily substances. Aloe Vera gel and other Condensates should be strictly avoided
1.Please clean the skin surface and filter with soft cloth before use.
2.Connect the power adapter. The intensity indicator will start flashing a “red light” at intervals, which indicates that the circuit is working correctly
3.Press and hold the power button until the screen lights up.
4. Put the device at a 90 ° angle to your skin and make sure the flash window is in full contact with your skin.
5.The screen should stop flashing and display a constant bright light, which indicates that the depilator is electrified
6.Gently press the flash button until equipment emits a flash.
7.After using the instrument, please remove the depilated skin.
8.Shine as close as possible to the site of previous treatment to ensure that all sites are adequately treated.
Avoid touching hot water and sun 12 hours after irradiation.
Not apply moisturizing aloe vera gel for 5 minutes after depilation.
This IPL device is not recommended for use on very blonde, red, gray or white hair where the smaller amount of melanin does not absorb the light.
If you feel uncomfortable,take lower the light level Read the instructions carefully before using it.
Package Include
1*Main Body 1*AC Adapter 1*Safety Glasses 1*User manual 1*Shaver

Product Features

  • 1.[Painless IPL Technology] Our IPL hair removal device uses the Professional Intense Pulsed Light(IPL) technology, the energy of short intense pulse light is absorbed preferentially by the pigment in toot hair follicle, absorbing the melanin and preventing the hair from growing back.
  • 2.[Effectively&100%Safe]:Clinically proven results show that up to 96% hair reduction realized just after 3-4 treatments, safety and effectively reduces hair growth on the face and body.No batteries or charging required, simply plug in the device to begin treatments.
  • 3.[5 ENERGY LEVELS] 5 adjustable light energy settings to ensure gentle but effective treatment; You can adjust the level according to the skin area and hair growth. The higher level, the greater strength,the better effect of hair removal.
  • 4.[Manual & Auto Mode] There are two modes of the machine, which can satisfy your demands on different parts. Manual mode is designed for small areas like bikini line, fingers, armpit, lips etc. Auto mode is designed for large area like legs, arms, back etc.
  • 5.[After-Sale Service]If you are not satisfied with our product in 90 days from the purchase, you can get the money back. We promised 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. If you meet any problems or not-man-made damage on the machine, please let us know and you can get a new one.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent results so far I must say it is a great buy that is a very affordable way to remove your hair and keep up on any touch ups. This hair removal device design is sleek and functional,it makes hair removal so convenient and relaxing!!! I like to open the ice mode first, that makes very comfortable. Second, press power button to adjust energy level to suitable the skin, but just keep in mind, the higher the level the stronger the laser (thus, may not tolerance), of course that’ll vary for everyone. I initially…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a real deal, simple to use After reading one review I was sceptical, However, I’ve been epilating a long time and there are some areas I’d rather just not have to do. Annoying patches I never want to grow back. We all have them( I think ) Toes, upper lip, naval area, even the occasional chest hair. This was great for those areas. The thing I love about this is it is slowing down the growth and eventually preventing the hair follicles from growing. Like anything it takes time and practice, you won’t get the instant…

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