Personal Dorco New Platinum ST300 Double Edge Wet Shaving Standard Replacement Straight Safety Razor Blades x 100 Pcs. Box

Long-lasting platinum coated edge for enhanced comfort, these replacement Dorco’s New Platinum ST300 Stainless Blades provide one of the cleanest, closest & smoothest, irritation-free shaves yet. Razor blades are mild and forgiving, highly recommended to beginners, new wet-shavers and for gentlemen with a very sensitive skin. These double-edged stainless steel blades come individually wax paper wrapped in a pack of 10 per carton x 10 (100 counts total), making the purchase both economical and more environmentally friendly than cartridges. Blades are exceptionally sharp, hardened & ground by utilizing most advanced equipment and fit all standard double edge safety razors including Merkur, Parker, Feather, Edwin Jagger, Muhle Pinsel, Weishi and etc. Also works for single edge replacement blade straight razors that use half of this blade (Instructions: 1. Unwrap and cut. Or 2. With blade in wrapped paper, fold in half and press to snap/break.). Made in Korea.

Ideal replaceable/disposable razor blades with safety in mind for individuals, professionals, barbers, shavers & etc.

SKU: 10HP-RZB-0005×10

Product Features

  • Condition: New;Brand: Dorco
  • Razor Blade Dimensions: L 1-7/10 x W 4/5 Inches (L 43 x W 21mm)
  • Blade Style: Double Edge
  • Blade Material: Platinum Coating Stainless Steel
  • Quantity: 100 Pieces (10 Cartons of 10/Box)


My thoughts on those SCARY Feather safety razor blades

Are Feathers to be feared or revered?
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