Philips Norelco Multi Groomer MG5760/40-18 piece, beard, body, face, nose, and ear hair trimmer and clipper w/storage case

The Philips Norelco Multigroom 5000 is the all-in-one trimmer for maximum precision with 2x more baldes. Craft your own personal look with this versatile trimmer, which includes 18 quality tools for styling your face, head and body. It’s DualCut blades deliver maximum precision and the no-slip rubber grip improves comfort and control.

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Product Features

  • 18 pieces: a metal trimmer, a detail metal trimmer, a nose and ear trimmer, an extra-wide hair trimmer, 6 hair trimming guards, 3 beard trimming guards, 2 stubble trimming guards, 2 body trimming guards, a storage bag and a cleaning brush
  • Enjoy maximum precision with DualCut technology, which includes 2x more blades. The steel blades lightly brush against one another – sharpening themselves as they work. This results in blades that are sharp as day 1 after 3 years of use
  • Powerful lithium battery delivering 3 hours of cordless run time. Or use while plugged in for continuous use
  • To deliver maximum torque and power, the trimmer includes a full-metal motor and a drive train that’s been reinforced with tempered steel
  • Our unique cutting guards are reinforced with ultra-strong fiberglass material to prevent bending and buckling, ensuring an even trim every time


Online Beauty Products
Online Beauty Products

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3 thoughts on “Philips Norelco Multi Groomer MG5760/40-18 piece, beard, body, face, nose, and ear hair trimmer and clipper w/storage case

  1. Hiker says:

    Big Disappointment – Turn itself on, power button misbehavior. Same problem as some others here, The shaver starts working on its own, in the middle of the night, only that i cant shut it off. waited for it to run out of juice. Tried recharging but it started goin’ again after a couple of min. (I now hearing it vibrating again from the bathroom).After only 1 use.I gotta say, a step backwards frm the previous model.Although the head this time seems to be attached properly, without the twist… and with better battery life.The…

  2. Topher S says:

    Norelco finally makes a clipper with decent power AND effective, quality guards. I’d almost given up on Philips Norelco trimmers. One thing I – and others – have complained about with their grooming devices and clippers has been the flimsy guards that were poorly designed. Both inexpensive and premium models were prone to bending with pressure and providing a less than consistent result. Finally the folks at Norelco have learned their lesson. The Groomsman 5000 comes with a very solid set of guards comparable to those found on typical hair clippers. The only complaint is…

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