Philips Norelco PT724/41 Philips Powertouch Electic Razor

Comfortable shave – with less irritation: comfort cut heads with rounded edges Smoothly glide on skin for a close shave with 66% more comfort. Preferred by 80%, flexing and floating heads follow the contours of your face, allowing for better contact with your skin and for catching more hairs – resulting in a closer, faster shave. Pop-up trimmer is perfect for your sideburns, moustache and for quick touch-ups on the back of your neck. Lithium-ion battery for long-lasting power. Fully washable – simply pop the heads open and rinse under water. Stays charged for up to 40 minutes of cordless shaving.

Product Features

  • Comfort cut heads with rounded edges for 66% more comfort
  • Heads flex and float for ultra closeness
  • Pop-up trimmer is perfect for your sideburns and moustache
  • Lithium-Ion battery for long-lasting power
  • Stays charged for up to 40 minutes of cordless shaving

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3 thoughts on “Philips Norelco PT724/41 Philips Powertouch Electic Razor

  1. TOPJOB7 "topjob7" says:

    Get the Norelco PT730 instead As much as I like Norelco razors, I don’t recommend this model. Instead, I recommend the which has better combs (what Norelco calls the screens that touch your face) which is currently about the same price. The PT724 has “Comfort Cut” combs which have standard slots all around, whereas the PT730 has 8-series “DualPrecision” combs with little holes that allow for…

  2. Jeffrey E "jeffinaustintx" says:

    Decent, lightweight shaver Many, many years ago – I was a dedicated Norelco user. I owned several shavers and passed them on to my sons when they were old enough to use them. Then I tried the Panasonic shavers and I made the switch and I have been using Panasonic for the past decade or so. When this shaver came available for me to try I was happy to do so; after all I could compare it with a few recent Panasonic and some older Norelco’s.So here goes..This is definitely not top of the line. It…

  3. Bob Feeser "" says:

    Great General Purpose Shaver (especially for the price) I have been shaving since I was old enough to shave… Ok seriously my electric shaver of choice is a Braun that I used for a lot of years. What I really do is shave in the shower every morning. It seems to make even old blades cut like razors doing a very clean job. It is also easy to determine where the line is that you are cutting on. All electrics don’t give you a razor close shave especially when you are steamed up in the shower. This Phillips Norelco does a nice job though, and doesn’t…

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