Philips Norelco QC5130 Hair Clipper

Create everything from a fade to a buzz cut with the philips norelco hair clipper. featuring an integrated adjustable comb with 10 length settings, this clipper lets you get the look you want without the hassle of changing attachments. the compact, lightweight clipper is easy to handle, and the rounded blades and comb prevent scratching and skin irritation. ready to go right out of the box, the philips norelco hair clipper can be used with or without a cord, and its maintenance-free blades require no oiling.

Product Features

  • Ultra quiet, reassures and calms kids (and moms) during the haircut, no loud motors here
  • Kid friendly designed hair clipper comb tips, rounded tips protect skin and ensure a comfortable cutting experience
  • More compact and lighter than average clippers, made for women’s hands and easier maneuvering around your child’s head
  • How-to dvd includes tips and tricks on cutting different kinds of styles (buzzcut, long sports cut, the fade and curly hair)
  • Easy maintenance to save you time, self sharpening blades need no oil or other care
  • Adjustable comb for multiple length settings without the hassle
  • Corded and cordless use
  • High precision length settings: 10 settings up to 7/8 inch (21mm)
  • Led charging light
  • Rounded blades and combs ensure comfortable cutting and styling

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2 thoughts on “Philips Norelco QC5130 Hair Clipper

  1. Cute Chihuahua says:

    Not a bad pair of clippers, has some nice features but not perfect These clippers are lightweight but I wouldn’t consider them cheaply made. I cut my own hair and have used many different hair clippers over the years. These clippers aren’t perfect but they have some nice features about them that I really like.A few things that I like about these clippers…1. These clippers cut really well on hair that is less than 1 inch long.2. The clippers are rechargeable and the charge will last long enough for at least a couple…

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