Premium Omnishaver Kit – Pink – The Fastest Way to Shave Head, Legs, Arms, Body | Disposable Shaving Razor Self Cleans & Strops During Use with Shave Butter & Replacement Cartridge

What if shaving were faster, safer (less skin irritation), easier and less expensive. OmniShaver offers improved results to that of currently available shavers and razors with features no others can offer.

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✅ Saves Time: Most report reducing their shaving time by 75% & many shave their heads in less than a minute.
✅ Saves Money: Instead of buying expensive shaving cartridges every week, OmniShaver exponentially extends useful time by self-polishing or “strop” its blade edges during use. *Note on blade longevity: Although individual experiences may vary, OmniShaver feels that if properly maintained and used, our shaver will provide at least twice the number of shaves other shavers or razors can provide.

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OmniShave Butter is very unique and was made to address all the things we thought shaving lubricants should provide:

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🔵 It is thick so it won’t run when first pumped out. It is thin when rubbed so it spreads easily, and will wash off easily without the use of a detergent or soap. It starts out white so you can see how much you’ve applied, then when rubbed it turns clear.
🔵 It stays slippery throughout your shave. You don’t need more than 2 or 3 pumps because you aren’t rinsing during your shave (which typically washes away lubrication before your shave is finished) so a little OmniShave Butter lasts until the end of your shave.
🔵 It is actually a moisturizer, so wiping it off after your shave and leaving the soaked in residue is a good thing to do…you don’t need to rinse it off if you choose to leave its residue on your scalp to continue moisturizing. Or you can also wash it off and then re-rub in 1/2 a pump for more moisturizing throughout the day.
🔵 It has Tea Tree, Aloe and Shea Butter, so it’s soothing and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

You will receive one Premium OmniShaver (Pink), Travel Case (Pink), Docking Station (Pink) and OmniShave Butter.

Product Features

  • THE ONLY ONE THAT SELF CLEANS DURING USE: Say goodbye to clogged razors during use, you won’t need to rinse your self-cleaning shaver underwater during use to unclog the blades. Premium Omnishaver is not only heavier, but it transfers captured heat to the skin’s surface as the shave takes place. Once it is warmed up from the hot water, it will retain the heat throughout the shave which provides a soothing feel to the skin.
  • DOUBLE THE NUMBER OF SHAVES: Cleverly designed with safety in mind, OmniShaver safely uses your skin as a “strop” to self-straighten and polish its blades’ edges during use. Far outlasts any shaver on the market! If properly maintained and used, our OmniShaver will provide at least twice the number of shaves other shavers or razors can provide. 4 Replacement Cartridges with Removal Tool are Included
  • VERSATILE, EFFECTIVE AND EASY TO USE: If looking for the perfect shaver or razor for a sharp, stylish look, you have come to the right place! When properly used, you can easily run it over your head arms or legs! Makes it easy to shave your head, arm or legs in the shower without a use of a mirror! It makes a great birthday or anniversary gift for the man or woman in your life! It comes with a convenient case that is great for travel!
  • REDUCE YOUR SHAVE TIME BY 75%: Having your head fully trimmed normally requires a lot of time. But, with Omnishaver’s bald head shaver, you can make your shaving experience less time consuming. Pre-shave lotion with Premium razor features Bi-Directional action shave & triple plated steel shaving head, which will give you a smooth and perfect scalp, legs or arms shave in less than 1 minute! With our aloe, tea tree and shea butter shaving cream, you will get not only fast results but a perfect sha
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Blades are manufactured in the USA. FREE Fast Shipping Within the USA. Your satisfaction is our priority, we are committed to providing high-quality easy-grip razors & shaving lubricant. In case you have any issues, feel free to contact us.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Close and Fast Shave, but company shares info w/ 3rd parties Just used it for the first time – these are my initial impressions. If my opinion changes I will update the review.Pros: Followed the instructions. Razor shaves close and the whole process is really fast. This time took me about 5 minutes, but now that I “get it” I have no doubt next time will be less than half that. No nicks, no razor burn. What more could you ask for?Cons: Shave Butter – not really a fan of the tea tree smell. It reminds me of most horse scrubs (smells…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Last shaver you’ll ever buy! First off, I don’t leave reviews, ever. I’ve been shaving my head for the past 20 years. Every 3 days (can’t do it more frequent due to irritation). I have every razor manual or electric ever made. My head has distinct divots and scalp is highly sensitive. Usually takes me 20-30 minutes to shave head and I usually end up with a nick or two. Used OmniShaver for first time this morning. I will never search for or purchase another razor for my head again! Closest shave I’ve ever achieved! Took my…

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