PrettyDiva Wax Beans for Hair Removal 300g Depilatory Wax Beads Stripless Hard Wax Beans – Painless Wax


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1. Pour beads into your wax heater pot until wax become warm and creamy.

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2. Use wax applicator sticks provided to take suitable amount of wax and spread wax onto skin.

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Please apply evenly for easy removal, the edge area need to apply thicker for better effect. Keep the rest wax beans which in your wax heater pot warm.

3. When wax become hard(just need a few minutes because it’s easy dry). QUICKLY remove the wax in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION of hair growth parallel to your skin.

Kindly remind: must be QUICK when peel it off, thus you will NOT feel any PAIN!!!

4. Apply moisturizing lotion or body milk for cooling, soothing, hydrating and shrinking pores.


1. Please test on a small area before use.

2. Please keep warm when using.

3. Please peel it off quickly.

4. Please check the temperature before using(max 42 degrees).

5. Do not apply on mucus tissues, blemishes, moles, warts, sunburns or inflamed area, post surgeries areas on Renova or RetinA users.

6. Do not use it within 2 hours after taking a shower or sunbathing, should not swim or exposure in the sunlight within 24 hours.

To be brave yourself and enjoy your soft and smooth skin now!

Product Features

  • Item include: 300g Lavender flavor wax beans + free wax sticks + any concerns or questions the fastest replace or refund promise
  • Painless wax: Just need to quickly peel it off, then you will not feel ANY pain! After personally tested!
  • Security assurance: Its composition, enriched with coconut oil and beeswax, provides a moisturizing and smoothing effect, physical process so no harm to your skin.
  • Full body hair remover: After personally testing, it removes 98% of your unwanted hair, from stubborn coarse hair to the finest fuzz, leaving your skin soft and glowing.
  • Easy operation: Only a wax warmer and a spatula are needed, microwave safe, fast drying, easy to peel off, no cellophane or non-woven strip needed!

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