PRITECH Battery Powered Wet and Dry Portable Travel Electric Shaver Lady Hair Trimmer Epilator for Women LD-8805

About the Product
LD-8805 is a new washable lady shaver which can help you to remove unwanted hair easily, quickly and conveniently. It operates with 2 * AA battery (NOT Included), be sure to get batteries when you place an order.

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How to use
1. Remove the battery compartment cover by pressing and pulling the cover.
2. Insert 2 * AA battery by following the battery direction sign.
3. Replace the cover.
4. Slide the switch to ON position.
5. Use the side blade to cut the long and curly hair,the best results are obtained if your lather the skin (with soap or shaving cream) before use.
6. Dry your skin, then use the middle shaver to shave the short hair.
7. Slide the switch to OFF position after use.

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How to clean
1. Ensure the switch in off position.
2. Pull the shaving head from the appliance,rinse away the excess hairs,click the shaving head back.
3. You can clean this item quickly by rinsing it under the tap, but DO NOT use hot water.

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Package includes
Retail package contains a LD-8805 unit,a cleaning brush and a manual.

1. Do not apply too much pressure on the shaving foil.
2. Do not clean, rinse or immerse in water when the compartment is open.
3. Ensure that your hands and appliance are dry when inserting batteries.
4. Do not apply alcohol-based lotions directly before or after use. However,talcum powder can be used.
5. Regular cleaning and good maintenance will ensure optimum results.It will also prolong the lifetime of this item.
6. Remove the batteries if you do not intend to use this item for a month or longer,do not leave exhausted batteries in the appliance.

Product Features

  • Delicate Appearance
  • Battery Operated (2 * AA battery, not included)
  • Dry and Wet Multi-functional Hair Shaver Machine & Epilator.
  • Safe and Easy Shaving System, Protects Your Skin During Shaving.
  • Removing the Hairs In Just Five Minutes With No Pain Or Discomfort Caused, Never Pulls Hair.

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