Proraso Classic Shaving Cream With Eucalyptus Oil Tubes – 2 Pack

Proraso Classic Eucalyptus Shaving Cream transforms your daily shave from a boring routine to a special event. Invigorating and luxuriating, this creamy lather provides a superior glide surface for a close shave without irritation. Use with or without a shaving brush. Eucalyptus, Coconut Oils, Lanolin and Glycerin are combined in this famous and traditional formula. The enriched Glycerin base soothes the skin and promotes a healthy complexion. The classic and distinctive green tube reminds you of a time when shaving was a time honored ritual. Tube can conveniently stand on its top. Made in Florence, Italy for generations by the same family. For over 50 years, Proraso has been the leading shaving brand for men in Italy. 150ml

Product Features

  • Original Eucalyptus formula
  • Most popular shave cream among barbers in Italy
  • Can be used with or without a shaving brush
  • Rich, compact lather

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3 thoughts on “Proraso Classic Shaving Cream With Eucalyptus Oil Tubes – 2 Pack

  1. mark sagvold says:

    Outstanding Product!!!! This is only my second review EVER, so for me this is a glowing review. I recently started shaving with a straight razor and figured out very quickly that I needed a better shaving routine which included a better shaving cream than what my barbasol or edge gel was giving me. I chose because of the reviews on the proraso and reluctantly decided to get it because I did not like the price. I can tell you from the second I put it on my face I could see where that extra money went! Very cooling and…

  2. luis says:

    The way it’s supposed to be When I converted to straight razor a year ago this was the first shaving cream I tried, and it’s the last one I will ever use man. Why ? Because it works duh lathers up real nice and really allows me to get a close comfortable shave and I shave daily for my job gotta look good man. The only thing I recommend and you don’t really need it is someone recommend it to me so I’ma share the knowledge is that before applying this of course wash your face with hot water pretty throughly and before apply…

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