Pure Badger Faux Ivory Shaving Brush with Free Stand From GBS

Excellent Badger brush

I have owned this brush for awhile, and I am extremely pleased. Fast shipping, and the stand is great for its care. I am sure with proper care this brush will last for many years. There was no “badger smell” when I opened the box it came it and it did not require a “breaking in” period. Very good value for the money!

Pure Badger Faux Ivory Shaving Brush With Free Stand From Gbs

Product Features

  • 100% badger hair (pure badger)
  • 20 mm knot
  • Faux ivory handle
  • Free brush stand
  • Excellent quality excellent value

September 4, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Pure Badger Faux Ivory Shaving Brush with Free Stand From GBS

  1. W. Todd Bryant says:

    Cannot beat this brush for this price…cannot! Before this brush, I’d only had synthetic brush that I bought locally as well as a “good” boar brush. The temptation to buy a badger brush finally overcame me. So, seeing this price (especially including the stand), I bought this one. After ONE USE, I will tell you this brush is so much better than either of the other two brushes!! This thing seemingly sucked all the water out of the sink. It made a great lather. This is the first time my brush had made a lather that didn’t have to be…

  2. kevroe says:

    Great Brush for the money For the money this is a great badger brush the bristles are soft but still allow for your to control the cream but not as much as a more bulbous style brush this one seems to be an english/traditional combination it fuses the fan and bulb styles into one great and functional system. The handle is large and very comfortable in your hand and seems almost as if it were actually ivory. This is a great bursh for building lather on your face rather than in a bowl, but if that is more your style and…

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