RazorKeeper Travel Razor Case

An excellent product!

I’ve been using the RazerKeeper with my Gillette Mach3 now for several months and could not be more satisfied with its quality and function. It does exactly what it needs to do: It stays shut and protects both the razor, the things in my kit, and my fingers!

Tough plastic. Secure fit.

It’s worth every penny of it’s rather modest price. I’d love to see one made for safety razors!

Well done RazorKeeper!

Stop wasting money on replacing razor blades too soon and giving yourself bad shaves with damaged blades!

Now your favorite razor can travel in style and comfort, just like you, protected by RazorKeeper travel razor case. There is no better case to hold your razor while you travel or go backpacking or camping.

Compact and rugged, RazorKeeper is built to last from impact-resistant ABS plastic. It easily withstands any jolts and vibration that your luggage may take during a road trip or on the airplane. No matter what, your razor stays clean, undamaged and dry. Try it; your razor will thank you. Makes a great gift as well.

Dimensions: 6″L x 1″H x 1″W (at the narrower end) and 2″W (at the wider end).

PLEASE NOTE: RazorKeeper WILL NOT fit battery operated and custom handles. Fits ONLY standard factory-made handles.

Product Features

  • Compact, rugged and designed for easy opening and secure closure
  • Protects razor blades from damage, keeping them dry and clean
  • Protects fingers from cuts. Protects other items in your travel bag
  • Fits Gillette Fusion, Proglide (including Flexball handles), Mach3, Sensor/Sensor Excel as well as Schick Hydro, Dorco Pace and Dollar Shave Club Executive men’s razors (MANUAL models only)
  • WILL NOT fit battery operated and custom handles. Fits ONLY standard factory-made handles


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  1. S. Martin "Buzz" says:

    Finally: A way to travel with my home razor! It sounds silly, perhaps, but I HATE using disposable razors when I travel. I have a weird beard, and they simply don’t do a very good job on my face. Razor manufacturers used to make cases which traveled well, but seem to have stopped doing so. This year, with trips coming up, I started looking for a solution, and I found it in this item. It’s well-made, does an excellent job of protecting my razor, and packs beautifully. My first two trips have enabled me to seamlessly shave as I would at…

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