RazorPit Women’s Razor Blade Sharpener, Pink

Time to tune up your razor blade, time for the RazorPit. RazorPit uses a unique and patented friction technology to clean and sharpen your razor blades. After every shave microscopic residue, like skin cells, water, and keratin is left on the blades. That causes them to feel dull. RazorPit uses a patented friction technology to clean off the residue and thereby leaving you with a clean and sharp razor blade. We have customers saving up to 90% on razor blades – But the average saving is around 60% a year. RazorPit makes expensive razor cartridge refills and dull-bladed shaving a thing of the past. More than 600 million men use razor blades and throw billions of razor blades in the trash every year. But there is nothing wrong with the blades. They simply have to be cleaned. With RazorPit, you can prolong the lifespan of the razor blades considerably and help the environment.

Product Features

  • RazorPit Saves You Money up to 90% on Razor Blades
  • RazorPit Increases Shaves per Blade from 10 Shaves to 100 Shaves
  • RazorPit features a Patented Friction Razor Sharpening and Cleaning Technology
  • RazorPit Sharpener Works on All Razors and Razors Blades
  • RazorPit is Made from Recyclable Materials and Reduces the Waste of Disposable Blades

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2 thoughts on “RazorPit Women’s Razor Blade Sharpener, Pink

  1. Mike Mixon says:

    Highly recommended to anyone who is sick & tired of paying $27 for a pack of fusin razor blades, needs this product! I received this item in January of this year & started using it on my 10 day old razor & it did not work. So I started using it on a new razor blade in the 3rd week of Jan & am still using the same blade today & its April 5th!! This is just outstanding since I’m maie, hairy, I’m a body builder & shave my head & arms every other day, legs ounce a week and back ounce a month!! This blade has has a lot of milage on it but I just keep using this blade sharpener after every use & its feels about…

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