Remington BHT600 Body and Back Groomer

Do you have a hairy back? Do you have unwanted hair on other parts of your body? Let Remington�s BHT 600 Body Groomer be your total grooming solution. With a variety of attachments and extending handle you can groom all those hard-to-reach body areas. Also includes an extra wide vertical blade to shave large areas quickly. The blades are titanium infused which means they will stay sharper longer. It is washable and rechargeable, so you can bring it anywhere. Travel pouch and two year warranty included.

Product Features

  • Waterproof – can be used in or out of the shower
  • Extendable handle for your back and other hard to reach places
  • Bi-directional cutting attachments shave moving forward or backward
  • High efficiency,power adapter
  • Travel case included

September 17, 2014 - Comment
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3 thoughts on “Remington BHT600 Body and Back Groomer

  1. Joe MacBu says:

    Very Disappointed Bottom line: This groomer is a low quality product. Its design and power are mismatched for its intended purpose. Go with a normal hair clipper and/or epilator instead.The clippers are weak and require many passes to cut all of the hair. Plus, they don’t really cut very close – so you’re left with rough bits of sharp hair, which are uncomfortable as they run against your clothes. You can use the foil attachment to get a closer cut, but this still requires using the clippers to…

  2. G. Bishop says:

    Best one out there So don’t quiet understand the harsh reviews for this. I own this one the mangroomer and the one by norelco and if I had to choose only one this would be it. It does not seem cheap at all( remember it’s only $40). It’s by far the most versatile body groomer, and I think it cuts great. On a scale of one to ten on how hairy I am I’m close to a 9. All my hair is fairly thick and long and this had no problem cut through it with the vertical attachment. Then the other clipper head gets it down real…

  3. Paul Christensen "gadget geek" says:

    poor design, overpriced – don’t waste your money Initially, I was encouraged the the design of this trimmer, with an extendable handle and fully interchangeable heads that can rotate 180 degrees and an extendable handle, would be an upgrade over my current setup: a Wahl 9906 cordless trimmer and my trusty 8-year-old Norelco shaver.Sadly, despite carefully following the directions, and trying multiple settings, I have to say this trimmer is almost worthless:- the handle extends for hard-to-reach places (like your back), but…

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