Remington Ne3150cdn Pocket Size Battery Operated Travel Nose Ear Trimmer

Remingtons ne-3150cdn nose, ear, and brow trimmer is perfect for hard to reach places. guaranteed no pulling. the precision cutting system stays sharp and strong guaranteed. the linear head removes nose and ear hair that is difficult to reach. this titanium trimmer is easy to clean and is battery operated. this trimmer has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Product Features

  • Advanced cutting system for enhanced comfort
  • Wet/dry use
  • Self sharpening blades
  • Great for travel
  • 1 aaa battery required

July 23, 2014 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Remington Ne3150cdn Pocket Size Battery Operated Travel Nose Ear Trimmer

  1. Michael Fab "Michael" says:

    2 Remingtons Died On Me, Under Very Light Usage Just wanted to warn you all, DO NOT buy a Remington nose hair trimmer. You will be sorry. I have gone through 2 of them already with very light usage, a black narrow one and a silver one just like this one. Each one cost me about $20 at the pharmacy. They are very cheaply made and only last a short time, before #1 just stopped working and #2: cheap plastic switch broke off (it will not reattach back on to the unit) making it useless. Only 1 year warranty & they break shortly after that. I only…

  2. E. Holm says:

    Not usable for nose and ears This model is designed for linear cutting, similar to those linear (sideburn/nech) cutters found on electric shavers, but much smaller.For nose and ear use, it’s very difficult to use. You cant just rotate it around, but cut against the hairs. And it does it badly. Have even cut my self a couple of times.The only thing it can do without to much trouble, is trimming eyebrows and other tiny flat surfaces.EDIT October 8. 2011,Some time after reviewing the…

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